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  1. Piggpenn

    Roc-N-Soc Round or Motorcycle Seat?

    Didn't read all the comments but after a selling marathon at my house I found I have an extra R&S Black Tractor style seat available if anyone has an old throne that could use a seat upgrade. I sold the throne with the original seat and now I have overage. Don't know if I'll post it for sale...
  2. Piggpenn

    Drum Center of Portsmouth - PENDING Experience

    Received an email from DCP yesterday stating they ARE shipping. Or you can pick up at the front door as the show room is closed until early May, IIRC. I live a little far for that but the thought was nice.
  3. Piggpenn

    Feeling Toward Red Sparkle Drums!

    Found a picture of my once owned TAMA Starclassic BB in red sparkle. Boy was it stunning. Unlike my picture taking abilities. Darn!
  4. Piggpenn

    Stage Customs

    Nice drop! Thanks for posting.
  5. Piggpenn

    Cymbal Bag Recommendation

    Dale, Have you made a decision yet? Just curious what you decided on.
  6. Piggpenn

    Interesting Bass Drum Pedal Comparison Video

    IMHO, I think what is meant by the SONOR pedal not fitting on a delite? set up might make sense due to the cheaper pedal having a wider base and the delite lugs are bigger/thicker than most tuning rods and claws. Now if you were to choose a higher end SONOR pedal (which would only make sense...
  7. Piggpenn

    Buying Cymbals on Reverb/online?

    I've sold two complete sets of Zildjians and Paistes and a bunch of one offs, as well, through Reverb. I learned here how to wrap them well and I get many compliments on that aspect.
  8. Piggpenn

    Where you are spending your time

    Here, mostly...
  9. Piggpenn

    Cymbal Bag Recommendation

    If price is no object and you aren't too concerned with it being a bag, SKB cymbal vault is the way to go. I've had mine for 20 years and still looks and performs like new.
  10. Piggpenn

    Your ex wife is selling your drums

    Is she hot?
  11. Piggpenn

    OT: Who Is Still Working?

    Me, luckily. IT for a financial institute.
  12. Piggpenn

    Yamaha Tour Custom updated to 5 piece shell pack and H&B bags included

    Special sale going on at Reverb on this set. I will match it here if there's any interest.
  13. Piggpenn

    Feeling Toward Red Sparkle Drums!

    IMHO.... My first love is Gretch Renown in Blue Sparkle along with TAMA Silverstar Blue Sparkle. Then the TAMA Starclassic performer B/B red sparkle along with Mapex Saturns red sparkle are awesome along with the vintage Ludwigs.
  14. Piggpenn

    FS: Humes & Berg Drum Seeker cases

    I have these same cases. They are more than awesome. Thick and protective. They also sit flat and stable. Choose these over the Tuxedo and Galaxy series and you won't be sorry. Well worth the investment.
  15. Piggpenn

    Most You Ever made One single gig.

    OK, I lied. My accountant said I paid in that year. Never mind. :angel4:
  16. Piggpenn

    Most You Ever made One single gig.

    $1600 for a 4 pc band with hotel rooms for the band and families. New Years Eve 2000. I booked it and got 10% off the top before expenses. It was a profitable night.
  17. Piggpenn

    What Year Did you begin drumming?

    < 1969 - guitar 1970 < - transition to drums
  18. Piggpenn

    Lightest set of 18/14/12 out there?

    Hmmm, I want my beer back. lol
  19. Piggpenn

    Lightest set of 18/14/12 out there?

    I'm sure that took some time to gather the data. Nice going! :occasion5:
  20. Piggpenn

    Lightest set of 18/14/12 out there?

    As a gear lugging drummer for over 40 years, I found the Yamaha Stage Custom (bop sizes) to be the lightest I've used. The TAMA Silverstar bop kit by comparison was way heavier. That's my logical non-scientific explanation. YMMV