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  1. teenagebrain

    Zildjian trans-stamp date help 40's or 50's???

    Hi, I just bought this cymbal from C.L.= "Zildjian 20" Light Ride $80"...But it measures 19 5/8" ???...Sounds like a "K"(dark w/Explosive crashes and a very controllable Ride-Center Cymbal/Bell)...Thin/Light in weight=1640 GRAMS...and a small trans stamp 1 1/8"(w/NO ..-- under the...
  2. teenagebrain

    Its Christmas...Any FROSY Fans Out There ???

    This guys is the Driving beat behind s few of my FAV early 70's,Soul based rock-n-roll records,by SWEATHOG! I once read John Bonham was a "Frosty" Fan !!! I always liked there version of Rock In Roll Hoochie-Koo and nice record covers too...I wish i could find the footage floating around youtube...
  3. teenagebrain

    261418<---nOT mY zIP ---

    ---> bONZO !!! mANIA --->
  4. teenagebrain

    The Return Of Old Friends!!!

    Very early this year,i had a chance to get a sweet Buddy Rich set back,but has to trade drums for them,coupled with trading vintage Chevy parts we both needed for our cars,and so,my friend and i came to an agreement that,the "Bonham" kit was on a "long-term-loan" status to him...a few months...