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  1. kevinnorris

    Bose 901 Series II speakers

    I'm looking at buying some old Bose, and need some advice? There's several Series IIs on the Bay and could use some guidance and verifications. Thanks Kev
  2. kevinnorris

    '56 Slingerland Gene Krupa Deluxe Ensemble........SOLD

    Putting these up for sale. 22/13/16/ with matching 5.5x14 Super Gene Krupa Radio King snare. Hardware included as well. The 2 cymbal arms, Epic bass pedal, Krupa hat stand, and snare stand. Woodblock/cowbell and mount and Shur-Grip muffler included. I've got the front and back RK calf heads for...
  3. kevinnorris

    $266.13 Drum Key

    Already gone, but Holy Crap !?!? Link...................
  4. kevinnorris

    Dusty's Dynasonic

    A big thanks to Mozart720 and all involved in co-ordinating the estate sale. I was grateful to receive item 32 on my doorstep today.... one of the Dynasonics in the listing from last month. She looks and plays like a dream... Thanks very much Kevin
  5. kevinnorris

    Champagne Sparkle Super Classics

    From 1966 I just got back from ATL with these a few days ago. Thanks for all the tips for the trip... I didn't make it over to Marietta to visit Atlanta Pro Percussion... maybe next trip. I tucked in one of my sixties Supras with them.... they seem to be getting along pretty well so far.
  6. kevinnorris

    Shorty Snare Stand

    I need to make a short snare stand for my Deep Popper snare. It's a 13x9 Kent tom shell converted into a snare drum, so it sits WAY high on even the shortest snare stand I have..... a newer Pearl. Anybody done this? Tips?? Thanks !!
  7. kevinnorris

    Driving to Atlanta

    I'm driving to Conyers, Georgia from Hickory, NC on Sat to pick up an outfit. This is a little east of Atlanta. Any travel tips regarding traffic, or is it always busy? I wouldn't object to getting off 85 somewhere north of ATL and sacrifice some time for an easier drive traffic-wise. Thanks...
  8. kevinnorris

    50 year old schoolboy

    I got a letter from my college yesterday. I made Dean's List. I'm heading towards a new career at age 50 as a substance abuse counselor, since abusing substances was my long suit for many years....:drunken: I guess there's still some lead left in the pencil.
  9. kevinnorris

    1975 Slingerlands

    I got these a couple of weeks ago from Vintagemore2000. Now that I've actually paid him a portion of the sales price, I feel it's safe to post them as my own....LOL Up until then, I was a little unsure, and hoping he wouldn't change his mind !! Thanks, man, for a great outfit and a great...
  10. kevinnorris

    ID Help

    Here's an old 13 inch tom from back in the day. 3-ply.... huge reinforcement rings... the lugs seem to be cast aluminum, very old, but may not go on the drum originally, as there is a rise on the underside as if to go on a beaded shell. There is a stamp inside each lug... looks like a fancy...
  11. kevinnorris

    What the Heck is This?

    I have a bit of a mystery here (for me, at least). Hopefully, you cats can help. I can't find a positive ID on this incomplete throw-off. It has a 2-point horizontal mounting pattern, with a 1 inch distance between the feet. To help with ID, I'm including some pics of the other hardware and...
  12. kevinnorris

    Icons under Avatar Pic

    Hi guys and gals This has probably been asked many times, but I'm "fresh" here..... How do I get those PM ... View Gallery .... and Add a Friend icons added to the Avatar thingy next to my posts? Thanks !! Kevin
  13. kevinnorris


    Just saying hello to everyone. I see some familiar usernames here ! Good to be aboard. Kevins