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  1. tripp2k

    Snare Suggestions?

    I'm in the camp suggesting brass. I now rotate between Yamaha Manu Katche brass and Yamaha Copper both with die cast hoops and both with unique sounds. Copper has a drier sound and I tune up quite a bit and is more tame while the brass cuts like a knife at all tunings. I keep wanting to add a...
  2. tripp2k

    Sweet K 23"... any thoughts?

    I'm curious if the drummer's position isn't perhaps the worst place in the world to assess a ride cymbal. I have a 22" K that I landed on after going through a ton. It doesn't sound so hot while I play it but it does when someone else is and I'm across the room or downstairs. It sounds like the...
  3. tripp2k

    Feeling Toward Red Sparkle Drums!

    Red or blue sparkle are equally sexy. Go figure, my Yammys are natural. Several years back, tried to buy a set of blue sparkle Yammys off a guy who I think is a member here and just couldn't quite get to a price we could both live with...the one that got away.
  4. tripp2k

    Judas Priest "Unleashed In The East" Friday Five Fer

    IMO one of the best sounding live albums particularly when cranked up!
  5. tripp2k

    Think my wife'd notice ??

    Yes, she will. You will be shoe shopping for the rest of your days. My ex-girlfriend would go around my music mancave trying to add everything up. She got close. Notice how I said she was ex-.
  6. tripp2k

    My Yammy's

    I dabbled in V-Drums for 20 years. All I gots now is my 6 piece Yammy BCAN set with choice of copper or brass Yammy snares. The e/V-Drum companies still haven't produced adequate sounding modules without triggering VSTs. Too complex and too many points of failure for playing live.
  7. tripp2k


    Maybe try it on Reverb and let's keep this place in order. The first comment was a polite knudge towards that objective.
  8. tripp2k

    Drumeo's Top 100 Drummers of All Time - Sting's Drummer Bests a Beatle, 98 Dudes, Four Metallists, Toto's Drummer at 35?

    Not to get into deep doo with a forum moderator, but is there any kind of music besides prog rock? Not in my house <insert picture of man yelling at clouds>! :wav: These lists are nuts. Music is in the ear of the beholder. I don't need a journalist to tell me what's what.
  9. tripp2k

    Ludwig Metal Snare, Which 5x14 would you choose?

    Build the portfolio of different sounds for different situations. I'm running brass, copper and maple. Next up for me is some Ludaloy/alumnum. Would love some bronze but that might be stretching myself with GAS rather than logic.
  10. tripp2k

    OT - Nashville Tornado & Weather; Everybody Safe?

    A comment left by a local over on The Gear Page: "Awakened by the sound of the tornado warning system. By all accounts there is a lot of damage. A friend of mine at Basement East says the venue is a total loss, and there are several collapsed buildings that may have people trapped."
  11. tripp2k

    Cast vs thick rolled snares

    That is a beauty!
  12. tripp2k

    drilling holes in a virgin bass drum shell to accomodate a tom mount

    I think a virgin bass is hot. I could whip out my sonic algorithm for "hot", but I was never particularly good at the maths.
  13. tripp2k

    Cast vs thick rolled snares

    ^ I don't mean to be a wet rag but I'm pretty sure forum rules don't allow posting of FS items in the discussion areas.
  14. tripp2k

    drilling holes in a virgin bass drum shell to accomodate a tom mount

    I vote to leave it virgin but I'm not you. You may have some wood splinter going that way, but that's how I would do it. High speed on the drill but go slow as the drill penetrates all the way through. Make sure you have a firm grasp on the drill so it doesn't do anything but go straight in.
  15. tripp2k

    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    I'm picking up a 16" K dark medium thin crash tomorrow for $130. Wanted to go 20" but too rich for me.
  16. tripp2k

    Does anyone still like the '90s rock snare sound?

    The only time I'd ever tune my snare low and fat is if my ride sounded like one of those manhole covers in the street. "Thunk" "dank". Ride the bell for that sweet "klank" sound.
  17. tripp2k

    Overhead stand solutions

    This looks like what I'm looking for. Thanks!
  18. tripp2k

    Overhead stand solutions

    <influenced by SM81 thread> Over the years, I've accumulated used Shure "drum" mics and I'd like to start doing some home recording. What are you using for overhead boom stands or what are you encountering when supplied? I'm trying to avoid buying huge, expensive stands for my man cave due to...