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  1. dilbertfan1

    Angel Drums Snares Only $350 Angel Hoops Only $99!

    There has been some discussion here in the past about Angel Drums. I have found the quality to be top notch and I love the hoops and drums. So much so that I am proud to say Bennett Drums is their US distributor. If you’ve ever wanted to try them, now is the time. For Black Friday you can get...
  2. dilbertfan1

    Bennett Drums Black Friday & Saturday 15% Off Entire Purchase Up to $500 Savings

    Check out the Bennett Drums ad in Retail Row. 15% off your entire purchase over $200 up to a $500 savings! We must be mad! Keplinger snares, A&F, or Dunnett at 15% off? We have a bunch in stock. Want a custom DW...
  3. dilbertfan1

    Ludwig Super Sensitive Discontinued

    File under "Say It Ain't So!" We had our Memorial Day sale here and someone wanted to special order a Black Beauty with the SS throw. I could not find it in the newest catalog. I could not find it online. Or in the Excel price list. Or at competitors. So I reached out to my outside rep. He...
  4. dilbertfan1

    Memorial Day Sale At Bennett Drums In Retail Section

    55% Off list on Zildjian cymbals and Ludwig snares-including special orders!
  5. dilbertfan1

    SOLD Ludwig Supralite 5x15 Like New Added Dunnett Throw

    Here is the listing on Reverb. I'll sell it to a forum member $180 shipped in the US.
  6. dilbertfan1

    Slinglerland 3 point Strainer & Snare Bridges

    Anyone have any? For 40's Radio King? THanks!
  7. dilbertfan1

    Finally Got A Sonor Benny Greb Snare-Interesting Warning Label In Box

    First off.....fantastic, beautiful drum with a huge tuning range. Incredibly versatile. The funny part was the warning label inside the box. I know Benny has a strange sense of humor, but this caught me off guard. I tried to figure out a serious message for a moment, as Sonor placed it...
  8. dilbertfan1

    Gretsch Techware Spur

    Hey guys, I am looking for 1 Gretsch spur. It is a monster 14" long and 3/4" diameter. I don't the brackets that go to the top. I need one spur and 1 mount. Help! Chris
  9. dilbertfan1

    Paiste Traditional Series 20" Medium Swish Excellent Shape Better price for Forum members. I know lots of people are looking for these and they are getting harder to find. $450 shipped for Forum members in the contintental US. Now $400!!!
  10. dilbertfan1

    Ludwig Vintage Hardware

    Hello all! I'm not much of a Ludwig hardware guy, so I'd like some help with a couple items valuing them for Reverb. You are also welcome to make offers! The most curious one is a Hercules with the Lunar feet. I've been told these were only made for a year or two and are more rare. The following...
  11. dilbertfan1

    SOLD Yamaha Maple Custom 4x14 Snare Drum Natural Maple Lacquer $400 shipped in the US for forum members.
  12. dilbertfan1

    Pair Of Beautiful Early 70's Blue Sparkle Ludwig Toms 13"& 14"

    Here is the link to the Reverb listing: Open to reasonable offers. Willing to split up.
  13. dilbertfan1

    Stunning SOLD! 1965 Ludwig 3pc Keystone Badge Blue Sparkle 12/16/20 Collector's Grade

    Many more details and pics. on the Reverb listing. Free shipping to members on here.
  14. dilbertfan1

    Chris Cornell passes at age 52

    Unless this is another internet hoax, it is on multiple news outlets. RIP if true.
  15. dilbertfan1

    Just Got One Of My Bucket List Drums

    Anyone ever have a snare drum on their bucket list that might not be for any other reason that you saw one when you were young, or played one in high school or college? Well, I just got one of mine. An 80's Tama Superstar Mastercraft Rosewood 6.5x14. It came in pretty mediocre shape but a bit of...
  16. dilbertfan1

    Mid 1950's WFL 3pc 13/16/20 Red Sparkle

    I just finished this one. Up for sale at Donn Bennett's Drum Studio. All original except heads. The highest collector grade I've ever worked on. A few age signs, but overall a stunner!! Reverb listing has more details and some really great pics that document just how nice it is...
  17. dilbertfan1

    Ludwig Spur Question Unsual Setup

    I have a 65 blue sparkle Ludwig kit I am fixing up to sell for a friend who's husband passed away. It is positively a factory kit-date stamps on the white interiors match, serial numbers are close in range. The weird thing is the setup-12/16/20. Was this a catlogued setup? What was it called...
  18. dilbertfan1

    SOLD Yamaha Maple Custom 4x14 Snare Drum Better deal for Forum members.
  19. dilbertfan1

    Super Longshot: Camco Muffler Knob FOUND

    Anyone? (FOUND!) Thanks to my friends across the lake in Seattle at Trading Musician. i'll be posting a link in a little bit on the retail forum about the kit this is finishing. Thanks!
  20. dilbertfan1

    SOLD. 50's Zildjian 22" Ride

    50's Zildjian 22" ride, a little keyhole, heavier, but surprisingly dark. Thanks to Zenstat for the dating assistance! Here is a video of just this cymbal. &sns=em Links to Reverb listings: Will entertain reasonable...