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  1. pstone

    Slingerland Bass drum rods?

    I have a few of these (6) bass drum tension rods that I found in my closet... I tried to figure out what they were, and the best I could come up with is that they are vintage Slingerland Radio King rods. Does anyone know for sure what they might be? I saw a few on ebay that said they were either...
  2. pstone

    Rogers swan leg snare stand...Need some help.

    I came across this Rogers swan leg snare stand a few weeks ago. My question for any Rogers players out there is: What Is It? I know it's a 1960's swan leg stand, but that's all I know. Could be a Giant, Swivomatic, Stay Tite or something like that. Any help would be appreciated, as I don't want...
  3. pstone

    Vintage Pearl oval badge drum set

    I will start this post by stating that I know nothing about vintage Pearl drums...I hope someone here does. I picked up a five piece Pearl set from a friend who was cleaning out his deceased father's garage, and came across these under some old blankets. The only thing I know about them is that...
  4. pstone

    Sabian SR2 Refurbished Cymbals

    I'm seriously thinking about purchasing one of these Sabian SR2 cymbals. Although they look like crap and the SR2 logo is hideous, they seem to be a great deal on the Sabian line. Has anyone ever bought one of these? Are they worth the price? Seems it's kind of pot luck as to which line they...
  5. pstone

    Drum Head Dents

    A while back I saw a posting from a member that described how to remove dents from drum heads using an iron. I neglected rule #23 of drumming: Never let a drunk woman play your drums at 3:00 A.M. The posting said something about using an iron and a damp towel, but I don't remember the technique...
  6. pstone

    18" Ludwig floor tom wrap crack

    I recently acquired a Ludwig 18" x 16" white cortex, pointy B/O badge floor tom... Unfortunately, it has a few horizontal cracks in the wrap. My question is: Is there any way to repair the cracks using a filler type product? Maybe wood filler? I would hate to rip off the otherwise scratch free...
  7. pstone

    Old Claws and Rods

    I got these claws and rods with a set of Ludwig parts, but I don't know what they are. They seem to be nickel plated, and very vintage. If anyone knows what brand they are, please let me know... Thanks, Pstone
  8. pstone

    SOLD ...Ludwig 18" x 16" Black Cortex Floor Tom

    Rare Ludwig 18” x 16” 1970’s Black Cortex Floor Tom Drum. Blue / Olive Badge Serial # 2012348, which dates this at, I believe, 1979. 18” diameter x 16” depth… 8 lugs per head, 16 total. 6 ply Maple with no re-rings. Black Cortex wrap is in good condition with a few scrapes, scratches and some...
  9. pstone

    Best Alternative to Delmar Wrap

    I have a few inexpensive drum sets I'd like to re-wrap, and can't afford the Delmar prices. What is the best alternative? I see the ebay wraps, and I'm not too sure of their thickness. Sparkle Brite seems to be limited on the colors they have. Does someone have any experience with other...
  10. pstone

    My Ludwig restore project

    I've been picking up some older 70's - 80's Ludwig shells here and there along with the hardware. Pictures are of toms alone, working on the bass drum as we speak... Chose to use Polyurethane instead of lacquer finish. The toms sound great, but trying to figure out which heads to use.
  11. pstone

    K. Zildjian Istanbul Cymbal Pricing.

    I must sell one of my prized possessions, but I want to be sure of it's market value before I get ripped off. It's a 14" K. Zildjian & Co. Istanbul, Made in Turkey. Weighs 860 Grams. Has no visible flaws except for some very slight keyholing...Other than that, it is almost perfect. Still has...
  12. pstone

    Time to play "Name That Cymbal"

    I've had this obviously vintage "Made In Italy" 12" Thin, VERY Thin, splash/hi hat cymbal for years... Has the round Made in Italy logo on the underside. The thing bends and is more flexible than a Russian Gymnast. Hole is 3/8". It sounds fantastic...But I don't need it anymore. I want to sell...
  13. pstone

    Paiste Formula 602 questions

    I came across a 12" Paiste Formula 602 splash the other day...So I bought it figuring I could trade it here for something I need. It is a pre serial number Swiss Formula 602. My problem is that I don't know it's trade value or if I was to sell it, it's market price. I tried looking for similar...
  14. pstone

    Zildjian Trans Stamp ID

    I recently purchased some 14" Zildjian hi hats that were described as "Vintage Zildjian Hi Hats". When I received them, I immediately noticed that the bottom hat was a 70's hollow logo quick beat (Four drilled holes). Thinking the top was also a quick beat, I tried to put it on my hi hat clutch...
  15. pstone

    Vintage Sabian 17" Crash Identification

    Hello everyone, I am in need of some identification and / or verification of a Vintage Sabian 17" Hand Hammered Crash Cymbal. I got this in a trade for an older Zildjian A because it sounded absolutely Fantastic. My guess is that it's an 80's HH, but I have never come across this logo before. I...
  16. pstone

    Old Ludwig Mod Toms

    I have three 70's-80's Ludwig toms that i don't know what to do with...They are the Monster, too many lug, weigh a ton Modulars from when enough was NOT enough. They are complete except for badges and grommets, although the 13" needs some 8 hole hoops. The sizes are 13x14(Dia), 12x13(Dia) and...
  17. pstone

    60's Pearl 4 piece ID

    Good afternoon, I picked up a 4 piece 60's? Pearl set from a garage sale for $40.00. NO snare. The logos look like a Premier set ripoff. From what i can gather, they seem to be from the late 50's - 60's, but not sure. Sizes are 20", 12", 13" and 16". Wrap is in great shape, some kind of Galaxy...
  18. pstone

    15" Zildjian Quick Beat Hi Hats

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen...I came across some 15" Quick Beat hi hats from the 70's. The bottom hat (With the four holes)is a hollow logo 70's stamp. The top is light, but has no logo at all...Just a 70's stamp. I have never seen 15" Quick Beats. I don't want 15" Quick Beats...So I am going to...
  19. pstone

    old lugs

    I am looking to find out what kind of lugs I have here...I could use some help. Some say they are vintage Trixon. Can anyone identify these for me? Thanks