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  1. bkny110

    WTB Bun E Citrus Mod snare

    I looking to buy one of the 100 Bun E. Citrus Mod snares. Anyone selling, please give me a shout. Thank you! Rob
  2. bkny110

    WTB 1964 Supraphonic FOUND

    WTB a 1964 Ludwig supraphonic snare in excellent condition. FOUND!!
  3. bkny110

    Ludwig spurs

    Does anyone know which Ludwig spurs, if any, would replace the straight modern spurs that come with the Classic Maple kits without any drilling? Thanks! Rob
  4. bkny110

    Ludwig double tom holder hole

    Is there a plate that would cover the double tom holder hole on a 60's Ludwig base drum, obviously without drilling new holes? Rob
  5. bkny110

    DFO Shirts

    I just read a post and some of the members were referring to DFO shirts. Are they available for sale? I Would love to have one! Rob
  6. bkny110

    1964 Ludwig Champagne Sparkle snare

    WTB a mint condition 1964 Ludwig Champagne Sparkle snare. Thanks, Rob
  7. bkny110

    1964 Supraphonic snare

    WTB a 1964 mint condition Ludwig supraphonic snare. Thanks, Rob
  8. bkny110

    Ludwig Acrophonic

    Anyone own or have a review or opinion on a Ludwig Acrophonic snare? Thanks, Rob
  9. bkny110

    Ludwig Oyster Pink

    There's been a Ludwig oyster pink kit with a matching piccolo snare for sale on fee bay for a long time and was wondering if it is strictly a pricing issue that is keeping it unsold. Any other issues seen regarding this kit? Is this the correct forum for this question? Rob
  10. bkny110

    Re - painted interiors

    Would re - painted interiors, with "era correct" paint, on an otherwise original Ludwig kit diminish it's value as a collectible kit ? I believe painting hoops does not decrease value. Would love some opinions. Rob
  11. bkny110

    Seller Beware Alert

    Just a heads up to be careful with a Reverb seller by the name of Nostalgia Music. He sells vintage Ludwig drums among other items. His listings are not always accurate, putting it politely, such as date stamps, tampered with badges, "factory kit", etc.. Proceed with caution when considering...
  12. bkny110

    60's Ludwig muffler

    Has anyone seen a pre serial 13 tom with a baseball bat muffler on the bottom only? Red felt. Thanks, BK
  13. bkny110

    Ludwig 1960's Double Tom Holder

    Is there a way to tighten the pin that attaches the holder to the post on the Ludwig 60's double tom holders? It seems to be a common problem. Sorry if this is a dumb question. Rob
  14. bkny110

    Bun E. Anniversary snare

    Anybody know what the approximate price should be for a Ludwig Limited Edition Bun E. Citrus Anniversary snare in mint condition? BK
  15. bkny110

    Buddy Rich Drum Company

    Does anyone have any input on Buddy Rich Drum Company drums, made in Taiwan possibly by DW? BK
  16. bkny110

    1965 Ludwig Silver Sparkle Super Classic Snare

    1965 Ludwig Super Classic silver sparkle snare.
  17. bkny110

    1965 Silver Sparkle Jazz Fest in excellent original condition

    Wanted- 1965 silver sparkle Jazz Fest in excellent condition.
  18. bkny110

    WTB 1968 WMP Ludwig downbeat snare

    Looking for an 1968 WMP downbeat snare in excellent condition, either high end player or collector condition. BK
  19. bkny110

    Bearing edges

    Would the fact that a vintage Ludwig Jazz Festival snare had some work done on the edges substantially reduce it's value, everything else being equal?
  20. bkny110

    WTB 1968 Ludwig WMP Jazz Festival Snare drum

    I'm looking to buy a mint condition, all original WMP Ludwig Jazz Festival snare drum. Please pm me if you have one available. Thank you, Rob