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  1. ThomFloor

    Asking 'who's the best drummer' is the wrong question

    With all the polls and arguments on message boards, this is a nice short article on 'virtuosity', excerpted from the recent Charlie book...
  2. ThomFloor

    left side of Charlie Watts 1969-77....

    ....had no cymbal, only hi hats. His ride and crash are only to his right. Pre '69 he's got a 'conventional' 2 cymbal setup but changed in '69 until the Some Girls shows in '78 (when he started on the china on that side) Am curious, anybody know why ? Was it connected to his switch to trad grip...
  3. ThomFloor

    cause of yellowing on maple laquered drums?

    I have a set of natural maple lacquered drums 12-14-22 to which I added newer 16 floor tom, all same model. The floor tom (being new), does not have quite the same 'yellowish fade' one sees in the older maple drums. Do you think the fading is mostly just age, or is mostly related to or enhanced...
  4. ThomFloor

    Slingerland ID - Chad Smith home kit

    Anybody know the year/model of this Slingerland kit? You can see the badge at 4:22...I think 50's? Chad Smith playing at home. the bass drum has just an Ambassador, wide open and the sound is huge. Shows you how drum tones can be so deadened with modern controlled muffled heads.
  5. ThomFloor

    4 rides - best 'all-rounder'?

    Ok, mighty bored today and made a quick soundfile of 4 ride cymbals I own played to a very short, simple pattern. If you have 2.5 minutes of your life to waste, am interested in your opinions on their sounds. Which would be the best 'all-round' ride to your ears? thanks.
  6. ThomFloor

    Premier ID please.. APK or XPK?

    ..XPK or APK? Year? A blue lacquer wood, shows grain. Looks like birch maybe. Has 12 and 13 inch toms - hard to tell how deep...would they be power tom sizes?
  7. ThomFloor

    1972 Rogers script Butcher Block worth?

    I came across this. Looks like the poor bass drum has been modified for a Pearl mount (sigh)? Bass drum hoop cracked, but interior of shells look decent. Looks like a 22-12-13-16? Any Rogers afficianados wish to estimate a worth?
  8. ThomFloor

    740 gram Zildjian top hat - rare?

    I bought a 1960's stamp Zildjian A top. The ad said it was 732 grams. I was doubtful but bought it anyway, wanted to mix/match and I like old cymbals. Arrived, just weighed it...740 grams. Is that not one of the lightest yet for 60's Zildjian hats?
  9. ThomFloor

    What year/model is this Yamaha kit?

    Pic below, 12-13-16-20. Looks to be mid-70's model, maybe, maybe not? Kinds of shells? I have read of birch+luan in older Yammies (rather than the luan-only of many other MIJ kits) Anybody have an estimate of going prices? thanks.
  10. ThomFloor

    Anybody recognize these lugs?

    Please see pic. Toms (12, 16) and maybe marching bass drum (22 x 10) re-wrapped in grey sparkle, but does anybody recognize the lugs? Old MIJ stencil of any particular kind?
  11. ThomFloor

    Change of average stick size over decades?

    It seems a 5A is the most common stick size today, give or take a bit. If I watch videos of older drummers, 60's and earlier, even rock drummers, most are using what appear to be sticks thinner than 5A. I know of only Bonham using quite large sticks say by '69. Was there an evolution to larger...
  12. ThomFloor

    Is there a Sabian timeline?

    ....similar to the Zildjian ones. I'd like to know in some detail: 1. when the Sabian label got REALLY big. Early 90's...or was it earlier/later? 2. When the original 'HH' short form became fully spelled out and labelled with 'Hand Hammered' in that cursive script on rides. It then eventually...
  13. ThomFloor

    Ringo's cymbal weights?

    Have been studying Ringo's sounds lately. I know he used two 20 inch A Zildjians. One has rivets. Does anybody know their weights? Medium, light, medium light? They seem bright on some recordings (say pre-1965) and very mellow on others (say Abbey Road). Studio compression ....or different...
  14. ThomFloor

    Slingerland 60's bass drum tension rod thread size?

    Anybody know the thread size on the tension rods for a 1960's Slingerland bass drum? I'd like to order (i.e. from Drum Factory etc.) conventional rods (i.e. no old T-rods). What is the popular thread size on most other more modern bass drums ? thanks.
  15. ThomFloor

    Cleaning Hoops in Dawn?

    I have some late 50's Slingerland sticksaver snare hoops I want to clean. I've heard of soaking them in Dawn soap for 48 hours. Stupid question - Does this mean soak in PURE Dawn liquid, or Dawn+water? Any other tricks? They are brass or nickel, can't tell (late 50's Super krupa snare).
  16. ThomFloor

    OT - Marvin Gaye song copied by Ed Sheeran?

    There are a lot of these lately. Almost as if somebody is employed looking for likenesses of Marvin Gaye songs. Is it the same tune ripped off? What say you? (I think the lawsuit will fail, can't own a...