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  1. squidart

    MIJ Cymbal L-Arm

    Yep, I need a 9mm arm with telescoping top section and tilter. No mount needed. Good condition and not too chewed up. Pearl (or pearl stencil) preferred. Holler if you have such a critter. Thanks. Dave
  2. squidart

    Tama Classic Flat Base Hi Hat Stand

    Low mileage with some scuffs on the footboard. I love the feel and action but it has to sit on a perfectly level surface which makes it impractical for me to gig with. Seriously you can't have one leg off the drum rug or it's wobbleville. Just want to be upfront so you know what you're getting...
  3. squidart

    My double strokes suck.

    They are weak, sloppy, and tentative at best. Background: Lessons off and on age 7-14. Thought I knew enough to move on without further instruction (ha!). I'm 60 now and doing singles for darn near everything is stupid and a waste of energy. Please suggest a definitive book to get me back on...
  4. squidart

    Show us your best/goofiest drum album covers!

    I was recently gifted this awesome record with a croco Trixon kit. The other fave in my platter stash is this Dick Schory LP. Whatchu got?
  5. squidart

    Face Masks For Drummers

    Be the envy of the neighborhood when you don these drum doodles smack dab on your face. Just go to my redbubble shop and snag one of two (or both!) designs for the persnickety percussionist. Also available on a bunch of other random stuff you can't live without. Thanks for checking em out...
  6. squidart

    Ludwig early (first?) Hercules snare stand

    A buddy of mine found this nifty puppy with angle adjustment via one basket arm and threaded basket clamp adjustment right on tube. I see it in the 1964 catalog as "new" but the next available catalog on drumarchive is '67 and it's way gone. Anyone know how long they offered it?
  7. squidart

    W&A Clutch, Slingerland Dynamo Clutch, Rogers 281 2-Way Clamp.

    Prices include US shipping via USPS. All in excellent condition. -Walberg & Auge clutch...$25 -Slingerland hex clutch...$40 -Rogers 281 clamp...$35
  8. squidart

    80s Ludwig Classic Chicago 6 Ply. 9x13, two 16x16s. Black Cortex

    I've tried to note all flaws but feel free to request more pics of anything specific. Happy to oblige. Open to offers since I'm kinda spitballing here. 16x16 #1 No hoops or legs. Wrap and chrome are excellent with some negligable pitting on the mounts. One 1/2" long wrap gouge as pictured...
  9. squidart

    Memory Lock for Vintage Ludwig Tom Mounts?

    The rail consolette has its own issues but one would think there's at least something to put on the L-arm to keep the tom in position. Am I hunting bigfoot?
  10. squidart

    MIJ Stewart Snare w/ Original Box

    Very nice condition drum with replacement snare side head and Taiwan wires. Edge all factory and clean. Minor scuffing and pitting. Box top is a bit craggy and one flap is gone. Looking for $125 plus shipping OBO. I wondered as a youngster why Remo printed "DRUM HEAD ONLY" on their stencil kit...
  11. squidart

    SOLD! Gibraltar Hoop-mount Cymbal Holder.

    I don't believe these are being made any more. It's super solid and has only minor-moderate chrome wear. $45 shipped US. It will be broken down in a flat rate bubble envelope. Thanks!
  12. squidart

    Celluloid wrap installation info please

    I ordered a sheet from China to wrap a MIJ floor tom. Mostly a fun project but I would still like it to look nice. I know it's prone to shrinkage and UV/heat warping. - Is tape an absolute no no? - Would spray adhesive do the job ok? Scotch Super 77 or similar. Or should I just go with a...
  13. squidart

    SOLD. And wife gets a new range. Ludwig Transition Badge Project

    Did I mention PROJECT? They've been staring me down for 3 years since I rescued them and I just can't get past the disassembly and chrome cleanup on the 16. Too many other irons in the fire. 22, 16, 13. All have been subjected to metalflake model paint and at a later date covered with a...
  14. squidart

    2 Vintage 15ish" Chinese Cymbals

    Your choice of totally gnarly patina or lovingly buffed by an unknown gentleman stick slinger in the distant past. Both 15" but as they are not exactly circular, expect some variance. No maker's mark visible. Nice fine lathing on both. Buffy here has holes for 8 rivets and weighs in at 894g...
  15. squidart

    FOUND. MIJ floor tom (or shell) ,

    Open to various wraps but preferably not red sparkle. Just the shell is fine as well. 14 or 16. What have ye in thy orphan pile?
  16. squidart

    SOLD: 1965 Ludwig Pioneer Sky Blue Pearl

    I would like to present to you a very spiffy little number for your consideration. -Edges: Factory fresh -Interior: Factory fresh as well with negligable yellowing, if any. -Wrap: Very minor color shift and a few minute scratches. -Nickel over brass hoops: Shiny but with some oxidation spots and...
  17. squidart

    OT: Web designer needed.

    Posted in @bigbonzo ‘s great gigs for members thread as well but want to make sure y’all see it. :) WEB DESIGNERS: I sorely need a website revamp and wanted to reach out here first. Current site is not adaptive to mobile etc. Basically it’s kerosene powered and held together with duct tape...
  18. squidart

    SOLD, as in cannibalized. 70s 3 ply Slingy project kit.

    12,13,16,22. 12 is a bit later with clear coat interior and 6 digit SN. Others are choco milk with 417xx SNs. These have been recovered ages ago but it looks as if care was taken not to booger up the mahogany when the old wrap was removed. All edges are sweet. 12 is missing muffler knob. 13...
  19. squidart

    Ed Thigpen surprise score

    So I’m looking for an old trap case to store my overflowing parts (hardware heavy, wheels good!) and I see this for sale in Phoenix. I’m thinking why the hell is Ed’s stuff in Arizona? He moved to Denmark in the 70s. Seller got it from someone who bought it at Jerome Teasley’s (Jr Walker...
  20. squidart

    FOUND. 12x8 MIJ tom shell. Thin with re-rings.

    Putting together a cheap azz rat-rod jelly bean kit so anything with an interesting wrap. Preferably drilled for L-arm mount but diamond plate is OK. No thick luan shells. I have 60s Pearl hardware for it but if you have a complete tom that might work. Holler if you have anything. Thanks. Dave