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  1. multijd

    George Marsh’s Inner Drumming

    Has anyone worked with this book? I started using it very occasionally but am planning to dig deeper soon. I’d love to hear your experiences if you have worked or studied out of this book.
  2. multijd

    Chick Corea warms up on the drums.

    you may need Instagram to see this.
  3. multijd

    Quarter =400?

    How many of you can maintain a fast swing @1/4=400? Do you ever use that skill in a band?
  4. multijd

    DW Performers series vs. Gretsch Renown for a student

    What would you recommend and why? This student is serious and has been studying Jazz. He is a freshman in high school. Very dedicated family.
  5. multijd

    New Bass drum Beaters from Dragonfly Percussion

    Friend and colleague Dinesh Joseph has introduced a new line of bass drum beaters (He calls them kick drum beaters) through his company Dragonfly Percussion. Up until now he has mainly focused on orchestral percussion mallets and beaters. His orchestra bell, vibe, marimba and xylophone mallets...
  6. multijd

    Who’s the drummer, Dionne Warwick...

    I stumbled upon this great track tonight. I’m sure many of you are hip to it already. Great drums. Who is it?
  7. multijd

    Garage sale items including DW snare

    I’ve been rehearsing/ playing on my driveway with some of my regular working units. The neighbors are thrilled to have live jazz on their neighborhood. I have a nice little setup in the garage and a canopy. It’s been working out well. Yesterday was play on your porch day and also a big garage...
  8. multijd

    Sabian “stacks” video

  9. multijd

    Now this is worth it!

    There are Cd’s (yea remember those) by many of the major jazz soloists. I’m so glad they reissued this Roy Haynes material. $15
  10. multijd

    Major fail! Tama lightweight snare stand.

    There have been a lot of complaints about the ultralight dw stands but Im going to voice a complaint about the lightweight Tama alternative. I got the stand a few months ago but haven’t gigged with it for obvious reasons. It was fine at home. Sturdy, attractive, nicely adjustable. But try to gig...
  11. multijd

    Four K’s and an A

  12. multijd

    Pete Magadini and Stick Control

  13. multijd

    Short vid of natural skins, Sheffield bd, dragonfly beater

    Just a short demo vid of some new and older skins. Bovid muleskins on bass drum and high tom, Kentville kangaroo on snare and an old Slingerland calf on the “floor” tom The bass drum is a new build Sheffield 16x14. The bass drum beater is a prototype from Dragonfly percussion.
  14. multijd

    Three flat rides

    Three flat rides. Paiste 602 medium 18” 1767gr Istanbul Mehmet Turk 22” (two rivets) 2476 gr Bosphorus Masters Series 19” 1500 gr Not For Sale
  15. multijd

    Why do gretsch late 70’s SSB kits sound so good?

    I sat in on a friends gretsch kit at a jazz picnic yesterday. The set used to belong to a great drummer and mentor to many of us in Western New York (Buffalo region) who passed away a couple of years ago, Louis Marino. Apparently Louis had an endorsement deal with Gretsch and when it was coming...
  16. multijd

    Pandemic drum repair etc.

    I’ve had these drums sitting on my (multi-purpose) work bench for close to ten years. They all had experienced various degrees of “re-adjustment” as in holes, mounts, paint etc. I decided this was the perfect time to get them in some kind of respectable shape. I did the best I could with my...
  17. multijd

    New A&F video

  18. multijd

    Steve Gadd-Flat ride?

    Does it look and sound like Gadd is playing a flat ride here? Maybe even two? The end of the video and also part one.