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  1. squidart

    Unmarked cymbal - supposedly 1950s Zildjian

    Time for a nice long relaxing bath in Dawn. Treat it like a newborn. No abrasives. Maybe a soft plastic bristle brush after it soaks awhile. You'll find a stamp, 99% sure.
  2. squidart

    The Official Mitch Mitchell isolated drum thread

    Since all of us Mitch heads are here:While not isolated, this is rare as hen's teeth. Ramatam live in 72. Quality is not great but Mitch's performance is and April's guitar work is insanely good. I never thought I'd hear them live.
  3. squidart

    Old mystery one sizzle china splash - sounds amazing - help identifying

    We might be barking up the wrong country. Korean Buddhist cymbal dance:
  4. squidart

    Old mystery one sizzle china splash - sounds amazing - help identifying

    I don't see any modern ones (so far) with upturned edges though. So definitive it ain't !
  5. squidart

    Old mystery one sizzle china splash - sounds amazing - help identifying

    Modern manufactured cymbals here. Just check product specs for size.
  6. squidart

    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    Snagged a 22" 50s Hollow Block at 2820g. Classic 50s sci-fi flying saucer profile. Dark n smokey, pronounced stick, and the bow and inner plane have very distinct tonalities which is like having two rides in one! Not a fan of the term Hollow Block as it is an Outline typeface, not hollow. But...
  7. squidart

    Old mystery one sizzle china splash - sounds amazing - help identifying

    Love the sounds one can get from these.
  8. squidart

    MIJ Cymbal L-Arm

    Yep, I need a 9mm arm with telescoping top section and tilter. No mount needed. Good condition and not too chewed up. Pearl (or pearl stencil) preferred. Holler if you have such a critter. Thanks. Dave
  9. squidart

    New original jazz funk tune

    More please! Dig it!
  10. squidart

    6.5x14" One piece of solid Gum wood with Oak rings made by Kline Percussion. Beautiful drum.

    Not only does that snare sound great but you all sound great!
  11. squidart

    How many cymbals do you really need?

  12. squidart

    any one got experience w/RMV drums and Bapeva wood (or other woods)

    I briefly had a Concept Studio kit with the carbon fibre lugs. I bought to fix and flip but man...the thin bapeva shells with rerings and the ridiculously light weight made me hesitate to do it. If it had been bop or downbeat configuration they never would have left the house. Beautiful tone and...
  13. squidart

    How many cymbals do you really need?

    I rotate rides like underwear so that would be at least 2.
  14. squidart

    Tama Classic Flat Base Hi Hat Stand

    Low mileage with some scuffs on the footboard. I love the feel and action but it has to sit on a perfectly level surface which makes it impractical for me to gig with. Seriously you can't have one leg off the drum rug or it's wobbleville. Just want to be upfront so you know what you're getting...
  15. squidart

    Low Drums, Big Hats (20")

    It sounds (pleasingly) like a 1/2 speed track! :)
  16. squidart

    Ringo 39,500.00 1963 black oyster jazz fest 5.5x14 1 of 5 known including Ringo's, what's your honest value in todays market?

    I think it's the perspective of this shot accentuating the rod splay. While the lugs MAY be higher up, the top rim may also be cranked down more. No dog in this fight. Just my speculation/observation.
  17. squidart

    Building reinforced shells, re: seams

    Makes sense to me because you're distributing the outward force points evenly in the plies. So I would venture a guess that you would want rerings joints as far away from all ply joints as possible. It may not matter at all but it ain't gonna hurt!
  18. squidart

    Acquarian Modern Vintage Drumheads

    Our guitarist has Am Vintage on his kit and I've rehearsed a bit on it. The coating is bullet proof but the thing that strikes me most is the feel. The film they use seems more rubbery than mylar. Easy to sink into for funk n rock stuff at medium-low tunings.
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    Just edit your title with "sold" and the mods will see it and move the thread.
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    Original Tune - Recent Posts

    Well that made my morning! Nice playing and choices for that tune. I love having the freedom to input my own part as well. Thanks for posting. :)