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  1. k_50

    First Time Roto Tom Purchase!

    I have my eye on a 10" and a 16" that are for sale locally right now. The 16" above the floor toms à la Taylor, and the 10" in the cowbell position could be great fun! Or a 1-up 1-down setup with a 18" floor->bass convertion.
  2. k_50

    Where you are spending your time

    I work at a day care for small children, so I've been "working from home" all week and will be doing so for at least another week, as the whole public sector has been shut down here in Denmark. To make the best of a bad situation, and keep a healthy distance from one of my flatmates who works at...
  3. k_50

    Musicians who are off the chart intelligent

    According to academics and people otherwise "in the know", yes. But the IQ test, which only covers the mathematical-logical-linguistic areas of intelligence, is still the standard for finding out where anyone is on a scale from village idiot to Stephen Hawking. I was subjected to one, when I was...
  4. k_50

    Drum Kit(s) You totally Regret Selling

    I should have stopped flipping kits 10 years ago, when I had a red sparkle Rogers 20", 12", 16" set up at one end of my practice space, and a Tama Superstar 24", 13", 14", 16", 18" at the other end. Those two are the best sounding kits I've owned, and between them I could cover any musical...
  5. k_50

    Feeling Toward Red Sparkle Drums!

    I love red sparkle, especially on vintage Rogers and Premier kits. For some reason they just look better to me in that finish than other brands do. One kit I should never have sold was my red sparkle Rogers. Those drums had it all, both in the sound and the looks department. I still have the...
  6. k_50

    Anyone Actually Play an Old A Zildjian Ride?

    I do. Sometimes more than one. Like when my band was playing around with some real heavy riffs a few months ago, and I landed on this setup to match the tuned down guitars and the general vibe of the material: 20" 60's 1860g. 24" Trans Stamp, somewhere in the 3400's, keyhole, warped/dented...
  7. k_50

    Mismatched kits can be cool

    Mismatched kits are cool when they sound good. This one did tonight. Asba Stainless steel 24"+18". '67 Premier 14"+16". '67 Acrolite.
  8. k_50

    New Old Drums For Me - Asba This Time

    @Jazz Drummer Thanks for the inside picture of the leg bracket. It really is a very clever design. Also, I love the look of those Superbaby kits. I almost bought one that was for sale near me a few months ago just because it was so pretty, but ended up passing on it because of the 20" bass drum...
  9. k_50

    New Old Drums For Me - Asba This Time

    The spurs seem quite solid. And the guy I bought the kit from, who plays in a fairly active punk rock band, told me that he'd never had any problems with them. Also they are 40+ years old, so I figure they would have been worn out by now if the quality wasn't there. The tom holder has the same...
  10. k_50

    Funch Cymbals, 4 Rides Demoed

    I think I need to go visit Lasse sometime soon (even if my bank-account doesn't). He appears to have acquired some serious skills, since he first started selling modded cymbals on the facebook a few years back.
  11. k_50

    New Old Drums For Me - Asba This Time

    Dumb rock is the best description I can use for my band at the moment. I hope it will become interesting to others when we get some original material up and running. Right now we're in an upstart process with a few instrumental sketches for songs, and our singer just starting to work on lyrics...
  12. k_50

    New Old Drums For Me - Asba This Time

    You should be able to click on the pictures and view them in full resolution on flickr. But here are a few close ups. The tom mount. A bit of a knuckle-buster, but very adjustable. I like it so far. Bass drum spurs. The big knob turns smoothly, and seems to tighten enough so there's no...
  13. k_50

    New Old Drums For Me - Asba This Time

    Thanks for the comments guys! The kit could use a new set of heads, and I still have to play around with some different tunings. But judging by what I've heard so far, I think I'm going to be well pleased with this purchase :) @BennyK: I may have sophisticated selection (I even set up on a...
  14. k_50

    New Old Drums For Me - Asba This Time

    I came across a deal I couldn't pass up. So now I'm the proud owner of a stainless steel Asba kit. I picked it up earlier today, and had enough time to quickly tune and set up the 24", 14" and 18" with my 15" 50's Slingerland snare at my practice space, and get home before the handball match...
  15. k_50

    Unbalanced cymbal weight distribution bother you?

    With a cymbal like my 24" trans stamp A, it really is an advantage. "The" sweet spot is right by the stamp, so with a bit of light I can always see it, and know where the other cool/hot/sweet sounding spots on that particular warped, dented, flea bitten, chipped, etc. pie are.
  16. k_50

    Unbalanced cymbal weight distribution bother you?

    It doesn't bother me. Some of the best sounding cymbals I've had have been very unbalanced - one Bosphorus so much that you could feel one side being thicker than the other between your fingers. Plus, when the cymbal doesn't move, the sweet spot doesn't either :)
  17. k_50

    Let’s see your Luxor and Powertone snares!

    My Luxor is my favourite snare drum. I bought it from someone on here around 10 years ago, and took this picture just after unboxing it. I got it to match this 20", 12", 16" Cleveland kit, which, a couple of years later, I stupidly sold back to the guy I'd bought it from.
  18. k_50

    Loudest 20" head combo advice

    What kind of beater are you using? Wood brings out a lot more volume and low end than felt. I'd also suggest tuning higher - medium tension on the batter, and the reso anywhere from medium to cranked, depending on what sound you're going for. If you need to port the front head, then keep it as...
  19. k_50

    Your Wish List

    A Tama Superstar or Granstar kit with a 24" kick in candy apple red A 60's Rogers kit, 24" kick, sparkle finish 14x6,5 Rogers wood Powertone The perfect 20" A trans or hollow block stamp crash/ride
  20. k_50

    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    My office is starting to smell of rich mahogany. I dug out my 15" Slingerland snare for this weeks rehearsal. I changed the bottom head and wires. But the old pre pie Emperor batter still sounded good, so I left that one on.