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  1. bob meyer

    Roc-N-Soc Round or Motorcycle Seat?

    Get the hydraulic, saddle seat with a back rest. From someone who is actively drumming and has had back surgery, I can tell you, IT'S THE WAY TO GO!
  2. bob meyer

    What Is Your Most Played Snare and Why?

    No one favorite, but here is a sampling of some of my go to snare drums. Different venues and musical situations call for different drums as the "best" match.
  3. bob meyer

    Most You Ever made One single gig.

    Well, as a jazz player... you all know.. but once $4000.00 with 1st class flights and 5 star hotel ALL expenses paid. Ahhh, the good old days... now Corona has wiped out all my gigs no matter what they paid. Thank goodness for Zoom lessons.
  4. bob meyer

    What Year Did you begin drumming?

  5. bob meyer

    Anyone Actually Play an Old A Zildjian Ride?

    Although I have 2 sets of Old Stamp Ks, I also have 2 sets on Trans Stamp As...20s, 18s, with some 16s and 14-15" hats. Nothing is like the Old Stamp Ks, but the Trans Stamp As have a shimmer and glassy over dark quality that's all their own. They are also louder and in a sense easier play.
  6. bob meyer

    COB Hoops VS Steel Hoops on toms? Big difference in tone?

    I have both COB on Gretsch 6 & 3 ply sets and steel on Rogers 1960 kit so I have lots of comparison. The Rogers toms have the purist fundamental tonality of all. Is it the rims? The Shells? Probably both.
  7. bob meyer

    Similar cymbals to Transition Ride

    I'm an Istanbul Agop endorser. Love them, but nothing like the "glassy, dark" thing of a Trans Stamp... closer to dark Intermediate & New Stamp K's.
  8. bob meyer

    The too many cymbals dilemma

    Oh dear! 2 complete sets of Old Stamp Ks 2 complete sets of Trans Stamp As + a 70's Pang About 20 Istanbul Agop cymbals + A whole lotta old China's and assorted 20's -30's splash, crash and other pies. Do I have enough? LOL
  9. bob meyer

    Who Is The Best Cymbal Player?

    The question should be; how does one attain their unique sound, pulse and feel so that they play THEIR cymbal beat the best there is.
  10. bob meyer

    P338 Repros

    Does anyone make reproduction P338 "piccolo" strainers for 20s Ludwig brass snare drums?
  11. bob meyer

    SOLD 20" Trans stamp Zildjian 2208 grams with sizzles SOUND FILE COMPARISON ADDED

    Rich, oh well. i snoozed and lost . the 8 rivet was the one. i would still like to hear the 18" thanks, B
  12. bob meyer

    Huge vintage and modern Zildjian collection

    Interested in the 50s early 60s 20&18s. Do you have sound files? Thanks
  13. bob meyer

    SOLD 20" Trans stamp Zildjian 2208 grams with sizzles SOUND FILE COMPARISON ADDED

    Rich, Which 20 is still available? 8 rivits or 1 Ravit? Also, is there a sound file for the 18? Thanks.
  14. bob meyer

    19" Vibra Zanchi ride 1435 grams

  15. bob meyer

    19" Vibra Zanchi ride 1435 grams

    do you have a sound file for the 17"?
  16. bob meyer

    Does anyone know anything about this drum???

    No, but PLEEEEEEESE provide more, high resolution photos! WOW!
  17. bob meyer


    Yes, for single tension bass drums, that is era correct.
  18. bob meyer

    Thinning my Slingerland Collection Lots of Great Stuff!

    I'm interested in the 30s-40s NOB 6&1/2 x 14 snare drum. Are you agreeable to returns with money back [minus shipping both ways of course]?
  19. bob meyer

    SOLD 18" Zildjian transition stamp crash / ride

    listened again and again. It's just not for me. thanks and good luck in your sale.