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  1. jmato


    I love what they did with the floor tom legs. Wondering how to play those . . .?
  2. jmato

    Offset Double Pedal Reviewed by Nick D'Virgilio

    I played double kicks when I was young, but have not done so for years. I have tried double pedals, and just never got comfortable with placement of the hi-hat and snare stand around the auxiliary pedal and connector rod. Now, looking at these pictures, methinks I may have to reconsider. In...
  3. jmato

    This is the best product I've tried for cymbal cleaning & polishing!

    Does waxing the cymbals deaden the sound?
  4. jmato

    Weights in the bass drum? - Sounds Like a Drum Video

    I don't understand the disagreements here. The video showed that the weight in the drum did exactly what it was purported to do. The drum sounded different. I thought it sounded better to my ears. And it was simple. If that is the sound one wants, how is that bad? Even better would be...
  5. jmato

    SOLD - Pearl SensiTone Steel 5.5x14

    Price lowered to $120 shipped and bump!
  6. jmato

    Paiste Sound Edge shootout

    My travels ended for now, I finally got the chance to play the 15" GB SE's in rehearsal last night. Here are my impressions: First, they are lighter than I expected. I need to weigh them to be certain, but they both seem lighter than my other 15" GBs, especially the top. Second, they look...
  7. jmato

    Ludwig Vistalite kit on Ebay

    The ad is both humorous and questionable, depending on how seriously I am taking myself and the world at a given moment. Regardless, if the floor tom matched, I would consider the purchase. But it does not match. So I am saved the moral quandary.
  8. jmato

    Your first "pro" cymbal as a kid

    Used Sabian AAs and HHs (80s-90s), Paiste 2002s, and especially Paiste Sound Formulas, can be found at great prices and they are certainly pro-line cymbals. I love projects like this and applaud you for undertaking it!
  9. jmato

    Paiste Sound Edge shootout

    LOL. I have them, they look good, and I have been traveling for work a ton. I have not had a chance to play them yet, which is quite frustrating (as you can surely imagine). Will let you know, I assure you.
  10. jmato

    Oriollo Snares

    My Oriollo Mangana (manganese steel) has the warmth, and tons of crack too. I love it and rarely play anything else.
  11. jmato

    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    Playing a charity fundraiser music festival today. I provided my kit for the back line, and my band plays 3rd of 4, opening for a Dead tribute band. It’s hot, but a fun gig for a great cause.
  12. jmato

    New release out today

    I like it. I hear The Church more than the Cure, but I like them both. Well done.
  13. jmato

    Drumming life and Apartment Life...can I survive?

    Your year of recovery will fly by. It will suck at times, but try to enjoy it and the simple life divorce thrusts upon you. Love your kids and family, take care of yourself, play the drums somehow and somewhere, and you will probably be amazed at how well things work out. Good luck to you.
  14. jmato

    Giging in the heat.

    Playing outside Saturday. Heat index is supposed to be 117. Yikes!
  15. jmato

    The "Ideal" Crash Cymbal Size?

    Great point Atlanta on the big cymbals and a trio. I never thought about that - both my bands are trio instruments, which may be why I subconsciously prefer the big cymbal sound.
  16. jmato

    The "Ideal" Crash Cymbal Size?

    I agree with Mongrel. Louder gigs, bigger cymbals. Smaller venues, smaller cymbals. That said, I always have at least a 20" crash on hand and find that with a slower decay and deeper tone it still fits well in the mix in small venues. I love cymbals, and prefer to have several at my...
  17. jmato

    Another new snare drum free

    I think playing a marching snare during Blister in the Sun for one my cover bands, and walking around the audience, would be a blast. I have my eyes peeled for a bargain basement one for that purpose. What a nice gift you got!!
  18. jmato

    Rewrap Project

    I like the blue, but I am partial to that color on drums. I don't think you can go wrong with either.
  19. jmato

    Paiste Sound Edge shootout

    That would be helpful, I agree. I don't have that technology beyond an iPhone unfortunately. I'd be happy to provide the cymbals if anyone local to me has the tech and wants to produce one.
  20. jmato

    Paiste Sound Edge shootout

    I play GBs on all rock gigs, and just ordered the 15" GB SEs. Will report on them once received. (And I also will likely have my original 15" GB hats up for sale soon.)