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  1. Ced

    Pork pie 14x5 pork rub

    Hi there, i am looking for a 14x5 pork rub. There was one for sale before here. I am talking about 14x5, no 13x7 or 14x6.5 :) Thank you
  2. Ced

    looking for cases or bags

    Hi everyone! I am looking for bags for different drums ( although I am open to cases). sizes: tom 10 tom 12 bass drum 22 bass drum 20 snare 14 cymbal 22 For bags I have a preference for ahead and for cases SKB. Thank you!
  3. Ced

    Skb 22” - with wheels or not

    Hi everyone! I have kind of a nerdy minor question... I hope I am in the right place in the forum. I already have a 24” skb cymbal with wheels, it’s quite big and heavy but really nice case, and I decided to keep it. I am now looking for a 22” version of it and I am not sure if I want it with...
  4. Ced

    Skb 22” rolling case ( trade for a 24”)

    Hi there! I am looking for a skb 22” rolling cymbal case. I picked up a 24” by mistake and used it twice. It’s just a little bigger than what I need and would happily do a trade for the right case. Cheers Ced
  5. Ced

    Trade: Skb 24” rolling hard cymbal case

    Hi there, This is not really just a sale. I Picked up this case thinking it was a 22” but it is actually a 24”z It’s in mint condition and has been used just a couple of times. I am actually looking to trade it with someone for a 22”, because I don’t play anything bigger :-/ If I Don’t find a...
  6. Ced

    Cymbal case and bass drum case 22

    Hi everyone i am looking for a cymbal case, good quality, i had my eye on a skb solid case with wheels but i am open. And also a bass drum soft bag for 22x18 ( i’ll take a ahead 22x14 as i think they are sized big) Thank you
  7. Ced

    ( SOLD) Istanbul mehmet MC jazz 14” hats and legend dark 21” ride

    Hi there! These are new. I made an impulse buyand they are too close to cymbals i already own. Istanbul Mehmet Istanbul MehmeJazz Series CJ-HH14MC Jazz Hi-Hat 14-Inch Cymbal...
  8. Ced

    Fleabites, would you say?

    Hi guys! Just curious, I just got this beauty yesterday and I really like it. Wonderful cymbal, and a beautiful crash. You can also ride it easily, very versatile Istanbul OM 20” crash. I noticed that the edge is not smooth everywhere. I bought it from a really nice drummer I met online. he...
  9. Ced

    Istanbul agop 22” ride 30th anniversary

    For Sale is a beautiful Istanbul agop 22" ride 30th anniversary. The cymbal is in great condition, with a nice patina. Lightly played, nice stick definition with gorgeous smoky wash. I don't have the weight (and it is not written on the back). Cymbal in the video is the actual cymbal being...
  10. Ced

    Looking for a pair of Istanbul agop 14” signature hats

    pm me please
  11. Ced

    For sale Istanbul agop 15” hi hats 30th anniversary

    well... well... I have that feeling that I am making a mistake but... For sale is a great pair of agop 30th anniversary hats. I dob’t Have the weight, sorry. They will come in the plastic bag agop that they came in. You may have seen these for sale, because I posted them a while back... and I...
  12. Ced

    Istanbul agop 22” 30th anniversary

    great cymbal, not an easy choice to put it for sale but need the money to finance another buy. I donmt know the weight exactly but I believe it was around 2200, maybe a little less or a little more. I do not have a way to get the exact weight. Asking $440 + shipping
  13. Ced

    For Sale Beautiful Istanbul agop epoch crash 20" like new

    Like New, beautiful cymbal ( only owner). Asking $325 shipped in the US
  14. Ced

    For Sale Istanbul Agop 20" ride 30th anniversary

    (SOLD) Mint, may have some stick marks ( if any..). Asking 390 shipped in the US
  15. Ced

    For Sale Istanbul Agop 21 Turk Jazz ride 1990g

    Mint condition, like new! Only owner. Hard choice to make and must sell some cymbals ( I also have a 20" ride 30th anniversary and a epoch 20" crash for sale). Asking 320 shipped in the US
  16. Ced

    Looking for DW hardware

    Hi everyone, I am looking for some DW hardware. The cymbal tilters need to be toothless though. PM me if you have something for sale Thank you! Ced
  17. Ced

    Ludwig throw off (which one is that?)

    Hi there! I am exploring ludwig's snares, trying to get a supraphonic used. I came across one that has this Atlas P85 Throw Off(pic attached), I have never used these before and first time I see it on a supra. Is that throw off good? I am just concerned about the extra mechanical parts... Thank...
  18. Ced

    Wtd: Ludwig supraphonic (60s)

    Looking for a supraphonic, ideally 60s
  19. Ced

    20/14/12 with virgin BD - Tom on a mount or snare stand?

    hi guy, I am about to get a Ludwig classic maple 20/14/12. The bass drum is virgin, and I am wondering if you guys prefer the tom on a snare stand, or if I should get the mount and clamp just in case I want to mount it on a cymbal stand. I know everyone is different, and there is no right or...
  20. Ced

    Looking for a ludwig classic maple 20/14/12

    Looking for a ludwig classic maple 20/14/12, ideally vintage blue oyster finish. PM me if you are selling one. Cheers