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  1. tomo221

    *************************** KEEPING IT FOR NOW

    Killer little all birch bop kit! This was a limited run kit, so I don't think these pop up too often. 18x14, 12x8, 14x14, 14x5. Walnut gloss finish. Upgrades: Replaced the 1.6mm tom and floor tom hoops with 2.3mm hoops Replaced the basic ISS mount with an Optimount Sabian 20-strand bronze snare...
  2. tomo221

    Paiste 22" 2002 Big Beat 2257 grams

    Excellent shape! 2257 grams. Killer sound; it's dark for B8 alloy, but of course it's still got the 2002 shimmer mixed in. Stick sound is very clear and crystalline, the crash is wonderful, and the bell is strong but just integrated enough that it doesn't kill your ears! Only used at home...
  3. tomo221


    Thinning out the herd a bit. These are in excellent shape. Probably some stick marks from normal use (in my home studio only), but on such a raw finish, you couldn't tell! No cracks or fleabites. Now, according to Meinl, the Vintage Pure cymbals can be prone to edge warping, but this is...
  4. tomo221


    Thinning out the herd a bit. This is a rare one, and it's in excellent shape. Stick marks and fingerprints from bringing it out to a few gigs, but no issues. This is essentially one of the new K Sweet crashes, but with with some K Con Renaissance-style hammer clusters sprinkled about. At its...
  5. tomo221

    Sabian Prototypes, SR2 Hats

    All in great shape. Just some fingerprints and stick marks. Prices do not include shipping. PP + fees or Venmo. SR2 14" Thin/Medium Hats - 739g/1066g // $150 // Nice, lighter weight and apparent hand hammering makes them great all-arounders.
  6. tomo221

    Sabian/UFiP "Mojo" Hi Hats 15" - Pics and Audio!

    Really interesting pair of 'hi hats', which consist of a 15" Sabian HHX X-Treme crash over a UFiP Bionic bottom hi hat. 827/1360 grams are a really nice pairing; the thinner, natural finish HHX top gives them a medium/low pitch and lots of mid-range complexity, and the heavier, brilliant bottom...
  7. tomo221


    Thinning out the herd a bit. This one is in excellent shape. Two teeny-weeny, so-small-they're-hard-to-photograph fleabites (probably there when I bought it - I'm bad about checking for these things up front). No issues otherwise. Dark and earthy, and the stick sound is woody and articulate. A...
  8. tomo221


    Thinning out the herd a bit. This one is in excellent shape. No dings or keyholing. Dark and earthy, but the stick sound is still pretty clear. These Sigs are just so unique. $300 plus actual shipping. PP (+ fees) or Venmo. Sound clip here:
  9. tomo221

    Yamaha Club Custom Swirl Orange Snare Drum $300

    **************SOLD************** Club Custom 14x5.5 Swirl Orange snare; $300 shipped to US48; more for int'l. For those of you who haven't played one, yes, it is as remarkable as other DFOers say it is. I could run off the normal list of buzzwords (warm, sensitive, rare), but words can only do...
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    Details on Reverb listing: I'll do $1600 $1500 shipped from NH for you U.S. DFOers (international buyers must cover actual shipping). Paypal or Venmo preferred. Not looking for any trades right now.
  11. tomo221


    Details on the 'verb. $325 shipped for U.S. DFOers. (I'll ship international too; buyer to pay shipping.) Demo coming soon....
  12. tomo221


    TWO AVAILABLE - both in excellent shape! $35 each shipped free to US; more for int'l. Paypal preferred. No trades please.
  13. tomo221


    Paypal only, gift preferred. Buyer to pay actual shipping from NH. Sabian 10" AAX O-Zone Splash - 5/10 condition; no cracks/issues - $30 Meinl 10" Gen-X Filter China - 5/10 condition; no cracks/issues - $25 Wuhan 8" Splash - 7/10 condition, with one tiny edge crack (at about 10:30 relative to...
  14. tomo221

    Percussion, hardware, accessories - LOTS of stuff!!!

    Lots of stuff for sale here. I'm just looking to shed a bunch of stuff that's been sitting around way too long. You know how it goes. PP, gift preferred. Tama Speed Cobra Hi Hat Stand. Excellent condition. 2016 model. Only used intermittently at home for about 2 months. Great feeling...
  15. tomo221

    *PRICE DROPS* Assorted cases, bags, and hoops

    Lots of cases/bags, plus some other parts. Buyer must cover actual shipping cost from NH, and I'm happy to combine shipments. Conditions listed in parentheses. Humes & Berg Enduro hard cases (6/10) - 22x18, 16x16, 14x14, 12x10, 10x9. Unpadded (I think). I'd rather sell these as a set, but I...
  16. tomo221


    14x3.5 maple Free Floating snare drum. It's in very good shape beyond the one small ding on the chassis (see pic). Remo heads, stock Pearl wires, Mastercast hoops, and the SR1000 strainer. $195 shipped (to contiguous US destinations).
  17. tomo221


    For your consideration is a very sweet Noble & Cooley 14x7 Solid Shell snare drum. This was from the first batch of beech drums Noble & Cooley ever made. Matte oil finish, wood burned logo, brass lugs/strainer, chrome flanged hoops. I've never gigged this drum; it's only been used in my home...
  18. tomo221

    *MODIFIED* Sabians for sale! Videos .... within!

    EDITED FROM PREVIOUS "SABIAN PROTOTYPE RIDES FOR SALE" POST: Because I just spent a while listing these on Reverb, I don't want to have to repeat everything, so I'm hoping it suffices that I'm linking to my Reverb page and offering a bit more wheeling-and-dealing room for you wonderful DFOers...
  19. tomo221

    Pearl Vision Bop Kit - Anyone played one?

    I'm curious to know if they're worth a damn. Considering picking up a traditional sized (18/12/14) bop kit for not too much money (hovering around $1K perhaps), and I want something nicer than your average Catalina. The other caveat is that I'm pretty dead set on an 8-lug floor tom (sorry, Tama...
  20. tomo221

    ***SOLD*** Sonor Safari 3pc Kit

    Sonor Safari kit for sale, 3pc (no snare). Great little kit, but I just haven't been using it. I rewrapped it in purple glass glitter and it looks very sweet! 16x16 bass drum, 10x8 tom, 14x12 floor tom. Tom arm, FT legs, BD lifter and spurs included, as well as a set of gig bags. Everything is...