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    bag for 12x15 bass drum

    Looking for a good quality bag is good shape for a 12 x15 bass drum. Probably a 13 x16 or 14 x16? Please pm me with any offerings. Thanks.
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    Canopus Yaiba bop kit w/ snare - dead mint

    I sold the RFM but have another coming with a tiny bass drum. And I have an 80's Gretsch 12-14-18. So the Yaibas are very nice, but pretty much extra for me at this point.
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    Canopus Yaiba bop kit w/ snare - dead mint

    $1250 + shipping for the 4-piece.
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    happy birthday america

    wealthiest country in history built on a solid foundation of genocide, land theft and slavery. And a few other things I won't bring up, because, no politics. Just sayin'. Cheers.
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    Gretsch bass drum claws damages hoop...

    Part of the charm of Gretsch drums is dinged up hoops.
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    Canopus RFM 12/14/18

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    Official Gretsch Drums Thread

    If it came with the ball L-arm, probably not. I think those all have the hinge and the bigger tab. I already have some of those, and I'll probably just wind up grinding one down. Thanks though.
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    Official Gretsch Drums Thread

    OG - circa 1980 And BTW - I'm looking for the old style memory locks - 1 for the tom arm, and if could find 3 more for the ft legs, that'd be cool. The really annoying ones without the hinge - they have smaller tabs that fit these old techware mounts.
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    Gretsch memory locks - 80s, no hinge

    Those really annoying ones that are hard to move. They have a smaller tab that fits the 80s Techware mounts. I need one for the tom arm, and I'd take 3 more for the floor tom legs. Thanks.
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    FOUND Thanks!
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    Canopus RFM 12/14/18

    12/14/18 :)
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    Canopus RFM 12/14/18

    I've decided to sell these lovely drums. $1650 + shipping, includes new heads.
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    Really Great Drums with Limited Resale Appeal

    Don't know about just the snares. My experience is with kits.
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    Really Great Drums with Limited Resale Appeal

    Canopus. Incredible quality and sound. Resale sucks.
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    Minnesota. Why do you ask?

    Minnesota. Why do you ask?
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    Istanbul Agop Traditional Dark Thin crash

    I'm looking for a 22 or maybe 20. Around 2000 g for a 22. Like this: Thanks.
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    Canopus RFM bass drums - 12x15 and 14x18: one must go

    I've got 2 bass drums with my kit, and only need 1. I would be happy living with either one. They are great drums. Here are the Reverb ads: 12x15 14x18 $675 + shipping for either. 12x15 includes a Tuxedo bag.
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    Gretsch 12x16 bass drum

    pm sent