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  1. RedRaider

    Bosphorus Wide Ride

    I'm on the hunt for a Bosphorus Wide Ride 20 or 22in. Please let me know if you have one you're willing to part with!
  2. RedRaider

    Official Yamaha Drums Thread

    Does anyone have a black Yamaha issued 22in reso head like this they would part with? I know I can always make one but I would prefer an official Yamaha head. If you have one sitting around going unused please DM me your price. Thanks!
  3. RedRaider

    Sold!! KZ AS-10 in ear monitors

    The zs10's arrived in time to use them at church on Sunday. These things are outstanding for the price! Thank you again for the recommendation!
  4. RedRaider

    Quaker City Night Hawks / concert toms

    Outstanding Fort Worth band right there!
  5. RedRaider

    Sold!! KZ AS-10 in ear monitors

    Thanks a bunch!!
  6. RedRaider

    Sold!! KZ AS-10 in ear monitors

    Thinking about trying out KZ in ears. I see that there are many options...which ones do you recommend at the moment?
  7. RedRaider

    Official Yamaha Drums Thread

    I just picked a set of them as well 20/12/14 for $300. They already had new coated ambassadors top and bottom and you're right...BOOM! Can't wait to get them under mics on Sunday at church to see how they perform. **Looking for a 20in factory reso head...if anyone has one, please let me...
  8. RedRaider

    Which Yamaha Absolute color?

    Polar White all the way.
  9. RedRaider

    Official Yamaha Drums Thread

    I really dig them both but gravitate towards the chocolate a little bit more. Can't really go wrong with either though.
  10. RedRaider

    Turnpike Troubadours - Jenkins Martin

    Love TPT!
  11. RedRaider

    What is the heaviest most sturdy boom stand?

    Yamaha 9000
  12. RedRaider

    22 Bosphorus Hammer for 22 Bosphorus Wide Ride

    Dang...I have two Hammers and a 22in Traditional. Love that cymbal!
  13. RedRaider

    22 Bosphorus Hammer for 22 Bosphorus Wide Ride

    I have two Hammer rides and would like to swap one for a Wide Ride. Here is a video from the previous owner. I had three rivets added once I obtained the cymbal. Let me know if you're interested! Lance
  14. RedRaider

    SOLD Bosphorus 22" Traditional Ride 2900 grams new

    Awesome cymbal at a great price! I absolutely love mine.
  15. RedRaider

    Roland E-kit question

    Ah, my bad. I'll take this convo over there. Thank you guys for the feedback. Lance
  16. RedRaider

    Roland E-kit question

    My church has a Roland electronic drum set that is no longer used...not sad about it! I'm going to sell the kit on Craigslist for my church and was curious what a fair price would be for everything shown in the pictures? Hoping to get this thing sold so we can purchase some new gear! Thanks...
  17. RedRaider

    Attention Texans: here is your next snare

    For $1,100...
  18. RedRaider

    Yamaha Oak Custom Silver 20/10/12/14/16

    I would scoop these up in a heartbeat if I had room. Someone buy these, best Oak custom finish with a 20in kick...c'mon!