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    Craigs list rogers mardi gras

    I don't know how how to post a link but in Cleveland Craig's list there's a Rogers Mardi gras set with what looks like nice swivo hi hat and old zildjian s for 500 or best offer!
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    who is phil ambros?

    I've never heard of him until lately, all of a sudden he's been in Facebook and other sites that have to do with drumming always typing in caps claiming to be Buddy Rich's best friend along with Frank Sinatra, Gene Krupa...... What gives?
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    bob grauso snare?

    Hi everyone, I've been lurking here quite a while getting great information from all the experts, but I have a real puzzler. I just purchased a beat to crap old snare which I believe was made by Bob Grauso. Very thin fiberglass shell, old Camco lugs which I think are original, (no redrills...