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  1. bjornk

    Who's got a vintage Stereo Hi-Fi set up at home?

    Being norwegian I have to use norwegian made hi-fi. Tandberg Solvsuper 12 with Radionette TK 400 speakers, from the 70`s. But japanese turntable, Sony PS-3300.
  2. bjornk

    OT: Your Favorite Live Album?

    One more for Deep Purple - Made in japan. What a drummer, singer, guitarist, keyboardplayer and bassist. Made a huge impact on me!
  3. bjornk

    Bun E Carlos Ludwig Signature snares and Drum sets.

    I have found the owner of #70, the data is sent to Drum Kat. I sold my snare #59, to Buffalo_drummer a few months ago.
  4. bjornk

    OT: General Pictures Thread

    View from our cabin today. Bmlo, Norway.
  5. bjornk

    OT: Olympics

    Yah, Norway consistently kicks huge ass in the winter games. Good luck, although I suspect you won't need it. And we (norwegians) hate the the summer games cause we sucks at it.
  6. bjornk

    OT: Olympics

    Go Norway!!!
  7. bjornk

    What brought you here?

    Also member of DCI, migrated over to DFO when DCI was shut down.
  8. bjornk

    *UPDATE* Getting Burned Here On DFO

    Count me in on that guy.
  9. bjornk

    The Tama thread

    This is exactly the same set I've regret selling. Bought it in the late -70's, sold it to buy a Ludwig set a couple of years later. Wish I hadn't. A lovely finish!
  10. bjornk

    Rogers Mardi Gra

    I'll have that in mind. But that won't happen for a long time, like it too much :-)
  11. bjornk

    Rogers Mardi Gra

    I've got a Ajax drumset in the same finish. Nice!
  12. bjornk

    Help Please to Identify a Cool Snare

    Anton Fig signature model
  13. bjornk

    OT Sad day in Paris. Another attack.......

    Eagles of death metal was playing in an arena that was attacked, several people killed, still hostages held in the arena.
  14. bjornk

    OT: Any hybrid auto owners out there?

    I've got a Volvo V60 plug-in hybrid, bought it April this year. Not much room in the back but I get a 22x16 bassdrum into it, 24" bassdrum is too big. A Dieselengine is driving the front wheels and an eletric motor the back wheels. I can drive 25-30 km on pure electricity before the diesel...
  15. bjornk

    Bun E Carlos Ludwig Signature snares and Drum sets.

    #70 is sold from the shop Properc in Bergen, Norway. Don't know who bought it but will try to find out.
  16. bjornk

    Metronome app for iPhone

    I use Vizklik, it's a visual metronome. I've used it mostly when recording.
  17. bjornk

    multistroke snare fills

    Ian Paice on Burn.
  18. bjornk

    Using Reaper (Noobie Questions)

    Try the reaper forum . I used that when I started with Reaper.
  19. bjornk

    You Gotta Love Dave Grohl!!

    Here he falls...!/video/113983/dette-fallet-gjoer-at-foo-fighters-maa-avlyse-europa-turne Sorry for the 14 sec commercial before the real clip.