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  1. K.O.

    18x22 or 14x22

    Do they really do that much R & D though. They are selling a product that hasn't changed much in almost 100 years. They make them better now of course but they are still wood tubes with skins stretched over them. I think the deep bass drums were much more of a marketing thing than anyone...
  2. K.O.

    NOS Delmar Slingerland Drumwrap $100=$125 a sheet

    Dang, I wish I weren't so broke at the moment. Perhaps your supply will outlast my destitution :)
  3. K.O.

    Gretsch stop signs

    $300! Yeah that seems pretty reasonable.
  4. K.O.

    Slingerland orphan tom - good deal?

    Looks a bit beat up but having a good color match is sometimes tough to find in yellowed WMP. If I thought that would match my set (and actually I have a Slingerland set where it might be a better match than the 13" I have...but don't worry I'm broke) I'd be willing to pay that price. They don't...
  5. K.O.

    13" floor tom/drumstick between a 2S&3S.

    Adding legs to an old 12x13 power tom is one easy way to get yourself a 13" floor tom. Many companies made that size drum in the 80s and 90s (some still might). At least one company (Slingerland) made square sized power mounted toms (13x13, 14x14, 15x15, etc.) for a while. It depends on how...
  6. K.O.

    Gretsch Snare 4105 Throw off broken !!!!!!!!!

    I'm sure they worked when new but they don't seem to hold up too well. I have them on several drums, none of them work well. They work just not particularly smoothly, sometimes needing both hands to ease into the on position. Because of that I always try every one I encounter at drum shows or...
  7. K.O.

    Gretsch Snare 4105 Throw off broken !!!!!!!!!

    I think those basically left the factory broken. At least I have yet to run across a single one that still functions smoothly.
  8. K.O.

    How Come None of Y'all Told Me Buddy Rich Quit Drums in 1956 to Become a Singer?

    I think Buddy learned, then taught, judo during his stint in the Marines during WWII which was after his altercation with Sinatra. They must have made up as Sinatra fronted Buddy the money for his first big band and they remained close friends later in life.
  9. K.O.

    Gretsch stop signs

    It was a lot of fun while it lasted (2002-2012).
  10. K.O.

    Gretsch, price check

    That badge was used briefly around 1979-80, then they brought out a revamped stop sign then went back to the square badge around 1983 and stayed with it until a few years ago. My guess is that this drum would be from the later time frame, not that that would make much difference as to how the...
  11. K.O.

    Favorite drum hardware.

    Certain brands of hardware share certain traits which lead me to believe they come from the same factory. These brands are Ludwig, DW, Gretsch, and Gibraltar. All of these companies sell hardware that is made overseas and it only makes sense that one big supplier could bid to make stuff to...
  12. K.O.

    Favorite drum hardware.

    Yamaha, if I don't have to carry it. I have a pile of the top of the line stuff, it's all older now but still functions great. I think it is also, by far, the best looking hardware, besides being the most functional and, with the 900 series, the strongest (and heaviest). Mine mostly stays at...
  13. K.O.

    Gretsch stop signs

    My only SSB set is a very early wrapped (tangerine sparkle!) example. I happen to use that set for rock playing and have smooth white emperors on the toms and they sound great tuned down low to me. I have used my various USA Custom sets, which are all stained drums (burnt orange) similar to the...
  14. K.O.

    How frequent do lugs break?

    I don't recall ever seeing a broken lug on any Ludwig or USA Gretsch. Modern* Slingerland and Rogers lugs also seem pretty robust although I've encountered quite few broken Radio King era Slingy lugs and, of course, the earlier brass Rogers b&b lugs are notorious for breaking. I've heard of...
  15. K.O.

    Gretsch, price check

    It's a jasper shelled USA Custom in Rosewood stain. What badge is on it? The silver tag would seem to indicate it might be from the 80s or 90s but the badge style would narrow that down. Rosewood was one of the earliest stained finishes offered so it could be a 70s drum but then it would more...
  16. K.O.

    How Come None of Y'all Told Me Buddy Rich Quit Drums in 1956 to Become a Singer?

    Buddy had a great voice and a Sinatra-esque style so he took a stab at being a singer. Obviously the record company A&R was sufficiently impressed with his voice to give it a shot for a couple of albums. These albums must have sold fairly well as they aren't particularly hard to find (and they...
  17. K.O.

    Sabian SR2

    I tried some SR2s at Sabian's booth at the Chicago drum show a few years back when they were first released and they were all beautiful sounding. It was explained that these were reworked test prototypes and/or returned endorser cymbals that may have originally been anything from an AA to an...
  18. K.O.

    Gretsch stop signs

    Not any great difference between these and the earlier drums, same shells from Jasper. Head fitment is a bit better on the unwrapped stained shells. Some evolutionary changes to how the edges were cut but otherwise basically the same drums made from the same parts, but in a different factory, in...
  19. K.O.

    1970's Ludwig Supraphonic Cut-Badge Issue

    These drums represent the earliest attempts at spinning brass into Ludwig shells, previous Ludwig brass shells were formed in a completely different way. Perhaps there was a learning curve involved for Ludwig's suppliers in making acoustiperfect shells out of something other than an aluminum...
  20. K.O.

    Rarity: WFL and Ludwig Black Cortex/Black Lacquer

    Stunning drum! Cortex (which is a different material than standard drum wrap) wasn't introduced until around 1970 and then only as "woodgrain" finishes. The solid colors came later yet, so that wouldn't be a cortex finish.