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  1. Frank Godiva

    Back when Sonor did it all in house

    I don't speak a lick of German, but this video is a great watch showing the production processes from the 80s into the 90s when Sonor did soup to nuts in house. Shells, snares, sticks, heads, hardware, cymbals....
  2. Frank Godiva

    Zildjian 24" Dance Ride?

    Tracked a session last night in a new studio with what the owner called a 1940s 24 inch Dance Ride. Sounded great but I have never heard of this model; has anyone else?
  3. Frank Godiva

    Another Goodwill Ludwig Snare

    The things that make there way to Goodwill
  4. Frank Godiva

    OT: The Evolution of Concert Sound

    You can thank the Worlds Greatest Band for this one too ;)
  5. Frank Godiva

    Sonor HLD580 Bubbinga
  6. Frank Godiva

    Sonor Teardrop kit
  7. Frank Godiva

    Sonor D506 seamless steel 6.5
  8. Frank Godiva

    Sonor Pancake snare
  9. Frank Godiva

    Did someone say Paul Humphrey
  10. Frank Godiva

    Sonor Teardrops 13 16 20
  11. Frank Godiva

    Sonor Force 3000 kit, 12 14 20

    Thick birch
  12. Frank Godiva

    Sonor Teardrop D471 snare

    chrome has pitting
  13. Frank Godiva

    Sonor Rosewood 18 Super Champion Floor

    Very clean, same shell and bearing edge as Phonics
  14. Frank Godiva

    Sonor Rosewood 16 Phonic Floor

    datestamp 308
  15. Frank Godiva

    Goodwill WFL snare

    Goodwill strikes again
  16. Frank Godiva

    Sonor Teardrop D471 Mallet Logo snare
  17. Frank Godiva

    Sonor Teardrop outfit 1963 Reduced Price reduced
  18. Frank Godiva

    Camco at Goodwill

    Box of chocholates at Goodwill
  19. Frank Godiva

    Ringo snare

    Is that what I think it is at goodwill?
  20. Frank Godiva

    SonorLite shell pack