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  1. Swamptrashstompboxes

    Snare recommendations for maximum versatility

    I have not been around for a while but I have been drumming. I finally got my cymbal combination how I like it, I will post a picture sometime soon. Snagged a few k-customs and such. BUT I am looking to get some more snare drums. Right now all I have for snares is a: Pearl Sensitone Elite...
  2. Swamptrashstompboxes

    What is the least amount or drum cymbals you could play with?

    I can get by with two toms, a snare, hats ride and a single crash. I see some with only one tom and hats and two rides or a ride and a bigger crash. What is your minimum?
  3. Swamptrashstompboxes

    Thoughts on Meinl Camber branded cymbals?

    I just snagged a pair of hats for stupid cheap. I absolutely love them. Are those cymbals forgotten gems for some? I am looking for others to pop up cheap.
  4. Swamptrashstompboxes

    Consider looking at a Gretsch kit.

    This is a bucket list kind of thing. I have always wanted to pick up a nice Gretsch kit. All I want is a bass drum, one rack tom, and one floor tom. I am looking for recommendations on sizes and models. Vintage is ok, newer production is also ok. But I will only buy used. It's kind of a...
  5. Swamptrashstompboxes

    Looking for a set of (used) $100 hihats for a friend

    He is a complete novice. I sold him an Zildjian A16" crash and an A 20" ride. He needs good hi hats. They are the crappy pearl branded ones. I told him I would look for a roughly $100 pair of USED hats for him. I have mostly personally just had a lot of Zildjian A/A Customs and I don't think...
  6. Swamptrashstompboxes

    Looking for a third crash or second ride... I want one that won't wash

    Right now on my main set high end Ludwig 90's set. At the moment I have Zildjian A 13" hats, A custom 16" 18", and a vintage unknown Turkish 21" raw ride, which sounds wonderful. I am either looking for a third crash or a secondary ride that doesn't wash out easily. At this point, Zildjian only...