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    Any Roland TM-6/TM-1 users?

    Sure. Would love to.
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    Any Roland TM-6/TM-1 users?

    I use a TM-1
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    Paiste Signature Traditionals set

    I have a DE ride. I believe it’s MK II, but let me confirm.
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    15” 2002 Sound Edge

    looking for a barely used pair of Paiste 15” 2002 Soumd Edge hi hats. Thanks
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    Transporting your throne

    I also have a roc-n-soc base with either a Soundseat or Pork Pie Top. I leave it completely set up and stand it in my Crossover. Occasionally, ill Fold up the legs.
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    SOLD! Pearl World Series Prestige WLX 7-Piece Drum Set

    Wow! I had a kit just like this while gigging on the Jersey Shore in the early 90s. The finish is called Smokey Chrome. Beautiful.... thinking about it.......
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    Off topic: Watch collectors

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    Off topic: Watch collectors

    I was into watches for quite some time. I have an Omega Seamaster, Movado Serie 800, Hamiltons, Gevril, many Invictas, etc. Havent worn any of them in at least a year.
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    craviotto 6.5x14 solitare snare mint! SOLD!!!

    Ugh.... so tempting
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    Train beat

    Ive used a TD9 on the Brushes kit with pretty good results.
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    Pearl SSC--Lower Price

    18x22 or 16x22 on the Masters ?
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    Noble and Cooley "Drum Tacos"

    Twist Rods.... don't know who came first, but Rich Sticks has had them for a while. They're great. Maybe Rich Sticks is licensing them ? Josh ?
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    Greatest Album of All Time

    Great album , top to bottom.
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    Fred Beato

    Hell of a nice guy and and even better bag.
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    ahead armor bags or protection racket

    I have the Ahead bags. They are fantastic. That being said... Beato Pro 1 bags, which I also have, are the hands down winner.
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    New Poll - How Many Snare Drums do you own that you regularly play?

    I have a dozen or so at the present moment. My normal rotation is: Pork Pie 6.5x14 Iron with an S Hoop Oriollo 6.5 Phantom .. drier than the Pork Pie. Dunnett 6.5x14 Ti ... the one I'll never get rid of. And on occasion , 6.5x14 Ludwig Black Beauty. On occasion, my Tempus and George Way...
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    What is the most under rated album from your favorite band?

    Although I'm not a huge fan of post - Signals Rush, I think Counterparts is underrated.
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    Looking for trade

    18" Paiste Twenty ?
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    Lets Go. NEW DRUM GEAR FOR 2017 Thread

    Let me know how you like it.