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  1. dtk

    a Walberg and Auge...maybe?

    Yeah...I'm thinking the snare shell might be...but even the butt....looks too generic and recent.
  2. dtk

    a Walberg and Auge...maybe? when i 1st saw this I emailed them questioning it and never got a response. I emailed again today and they said it was w/a because of the badge on the snare...and they...
  3. dtk

    Least harmful cymbal repair - suggestions?

    another option would be to widen the crack and devine the end points (sort of make the crack more like a smile...or green bean... I'm not a fan of drilling holes at the end...i've seen two many times where the crack just continues...I like the idea of losing a little mass/cutting the cancer out...
  4. dtk

    Help identifying snare

    it'd be great if you want a cheap timbale...or the parts to make something...if they were half decent (lugs/rods/hoops).... For $5 you could use it for an arts and crafts project (DCP has a bass drum chandelier)
  5. dtk

    Ludwig Standard snare price check

    that's one of the rarer finishes I think. I'd look at Reverb and Ebay completed auctions to get some ideas.
  6. dtk

    22/12/14 setups

    i have the 22/12/14 combo in it for a song...used. I like the articulateness of the 14 more than the boom of a 16.
  7. dtk

    Ric Ocasek Died This Afternoon...

    Yeah...Cars were such a big part so many moments of my life......I even sort of liked his 1st solo album...
  8. dtk

    Rideable Crashes

    Can you ride a 2002 WIld Crash 20" well? And on the larger subject...I had a 20" AAX metal crash once...and to me it sounded like a great jazz ride... Thanks dtk
  9. dtk

    Skb 22” - with wheels or not

    I'd go with wheels...the extra weight shouldn't be a big deal if you're using the cart too but here's what I'm thinking... 1) How tired are you after a gig... 2) How old are you 3) How active are you otherwise If you have one day where you wrench your back (before after or during the gig) and...
  10. dtk

    OT: Baby Parker on the way!

    Being a dad can be the greatest gig ever... just remember that your wife is eating for don't have to....(one thing I learned during the first pregnancy).
  11. dtk

    DW Rail Consollete Bass Drum Mount

    curious what the hole to hole spacing is like
  12. dtk

    Vintage Ludwig Project Sets and Drums

    When you get around to it...would love to see the rush
  13. dtk

    Random musings - Popularity of the 22 ?

    The trend in general has been towards bigger...if you have 18/19/20 crashes you need a 22 ride.
  14. dtk

    ID Info On My Walberg & Auge Snare Drum?

    03553 might be March 1955 3. Its a date stamp but they don't always make sense. I think that badge went thru til the 50s and the Precision era. I have a bass drum of similar build (24x8)...but it has a similar badge (just the drum cut out) glued to the rering. W/A continued to build...
  15. dtk

    Got Tama ?

  16. dtk

    Roland Pad being triggered by snare noise

    the problem might not be the pad itself. Can you play with the sensitivity of the pad? can you have someone hold it near where you have it mounted? I'm guessing that the pad is so sensitive that the snare hit is causing the pad or the stand its attached to...vibrate enough to trigger the pad...
  17. dtk

    The Girl Who Listens to Rush. Is There Another Song Referencing Pre-Peart Drummer John Rutsey?

    in the rush documentary that deals a lot with their fans...there were quite a few women. I can't think of any rush name dropping...
  18. dtk

    Inevitable hearing loss / test your hearing

    last year Mass Eye and Ear was looking for musicians for a test/study involving tinnitus. I went it for the 1st step and...only have some loss of hearing in the high register of my right ear (they were looking for folks w/perfect hearing). The doc giving the test/running the study was...
  19. dtk

    Upper Tier Snares and the Veblen Effect?

    loving this thread...for three reasons 1) There's a cymbal on Amazon I just can't pull the trigger on....I'd like it but don't need it even at a great price 2) I did a gig two weeks ago where the guy after us had a Joyful noise sounded awesome and I let him know...he said he liked...
  20. dtk

    I want to have my daughter decorate a snare....(Paints, top coat etc)

    Following. I guess you could contact Bum Wrap about having her drawings done on a wrap...not sure if that makes things easier or harder.