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    Interesting information,.. Barton shells?

    15 set min order from them. prices I have include all hardware. Cheap,.. but 15 sets.. never gonna happen
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    Interesting information,.. Barton shells?

    I have a kit I built from Beech shells that these guys made. (Barton raw shells) as good or better than any shells I have used.
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    Interesting information,.. Barton shells?
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    When were the first Pacific CX drums made?

    I also have an early pacific kit. I’m a builder so I went to redo the edges. Freaking perfect. No need to change anything. These drum are one of the super cheap great drums if u can find them. Mine are birch tobacco burst with satin finish. Enjoy them!
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    Tips on sliding back on the bass pedal?

    Heel up for sure. Practice doubles triples, quads, 6 and 8 strokes between hands and foot. 10 minutes a day. 2 weeks u will see a marked improvement
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    Barton Blowout!

    I'm not finding a listing for barton shells on sale, please share a link.
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    Bearing Edge on Bass Drums

    Lol. I did do a couple coats of wipe on urethane on the inside of my current 20 inch bd.
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    Bearing Edge on Bass Drums

    I know we have had a million conversations about bearing edges on snares and toms. I'm looking for some opinions specifically on BD edges. I'm building another 20 in bass drum. The reason I'm build another one is is that the first one came out EXACTLY like I intended,.. I built the kit to be a...
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    Wondering about your thoughts on mapex Armory or Yamaha SC

    I found a 3 pcs Yamaha rock tour kit. Ash mahogany ash. In great shape. Comments on this kit?
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    Wondering about your thoughts on mapex Armory or Yamaha SC

    Yeah. Resale is rough on mapex. But I cannot seem to find a good deal on used right now. Really like the desert dune finish The S.C. are a mainstay I think. I like to have something different though
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    WTB 20 x 18 BD shell

    Looking for a raw shell, no holes. Not looking for a real thin shell. Can be a second or blemished as I'm painting this to match another set. Depth is also approximate.. thanks
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    Wondering about your thoughts on mapex Armory or Yamaha SC

    6 Pcs Armory is getting pretty high..
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    Wondering about your thoughts on mapex Armory or Yamaha SC

    Thanks for the input.. I really do like the finishes on the Mapex kits. And I do prefer a virgin BD. I don't really want another snare., but I guess it can't hurt..
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    Wondering about your thoughts on mapex Armory or Yamaha SC

    Mapex Armory or Yamaha SC? Looking at these kits. I know that both are considered high value for the cost. Armory has more exotic finish options, a little more $$,.. Just wondering about people who are familiar with both and if they could share their opinions on the difference between the kits
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    Tama Speed Cobra 910 - bearing wobble

    Which bearing are u talking about. In the pedal housing?
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    LODO Drum Guy Denver

    Have you guys looked at his cymbal inventory lately? Pretty amazing really. Lots of really good stuff. Seems like we used to be able to get a 10% discount there for referencing this site.. Anyone know if that is still valid?
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    coated diplomats on the bottom, any difference?

    I tried thin coated reso heads on a kit I built recently. I wanted a quieter less resonant sound for use in small rooms,.. café type setting. I always used clear heads on reso before.. but I like these.. much more controlled
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    Adhesives For Mounting Rubber On Metal Bass Drum Rim Surface?

    Rubber / vinyl is typically difficult to bond effectively. It has a very low surface energy which makes it tough.. you should consider some type of primer or pretreatment.
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    Hello guys. i am new here. i want to know what is your snare drum tuning trick.?

    Search the forum for drum tuning. There are hundreds of comments and threads on tuning.. I doubt you will get much feedback with such a broad request, just because it's pretty much a dead horse on this site..