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    Cerakoted bells

    Two assignments: 1. Coat a cymbal 2. Cook an egg on one of your coated cowbells. (It's supposed to be good for nonstick. Right?)
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    What are the cheapest sticks you're willing to play (and pay)?

    I bought a brick of cheap sticks almost 20 years ago. With the exact same playing I shredded through them as fast as it took to get through my current pair of VF. The biggest deal was wood grain running through the stick at an angle. One hit at just the right spot on a new stick with angled...
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    Inevitable hearing loss / test your hearing

    Nicely put! I just got a new external DAC that is contributing nicely. I was noting rolloff as I extended to 16k as well. Given your well written description I went back and boosted the volume above 16.5k and was able to hear up to 17.9k!! Thanks for restoring my hearing!!!:D:D:D
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    Local band I recorded

    You captured some really quality sounds across the board. I'm impressed with the vocal recording and where you seated it in the mix. Beautifully clear and close. I can hear what others are saying about the snare, but I like it. If anything, some other instruments (bass and kick?) need to make...
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    Inevitable hearing loss / test your hearing

    I like me ears and have been pleasantly surprised at the range that I could hear in the past, but I know that age will gradually reduce this. I also know that loud drums without protection will not help. I've recently been geeking out on some audio elements and just tested a small listening...
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    Custom molds vs universal iems

    radian custom mold earplugs
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    Custom molds vs universal iems

    a custom fit also helps with bass response. I used a set of create your own custom earplugs and set my IEM into the earplug during the molding process. Now I have custom molded IEM's for $11 more than the cost of the headphones. They're more comfortable, isolate better, and deliver a fuller range.
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    Ditching the IEMS for live gigs

    Yup. This is what it looks like: Note the Rolls in the bottom left corner sitting on the snare case. The XLR cable (with the red tape) comes from an Aux out on the mixer and into the Rolls box. Plug in my IEM, plug in a DC power supply and away we go.
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    Backbeats-Dead Center or Rim Shots?

    What about dead center rim shots? Also played quietly? I've done that a bunch lately when called for. 1" stick height. Practically push the stick into position.
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    OT: Favorite hot sauces?

    Franks Valentina - Both black and red label. I marinade with red label as it's less hot Tapatio Cholula - Regular and smoked. Oh boy. The smoked has amazing flavor. Smoke tabasco Bufalo - Regular and smoked Sriracha Linzano - Discovered this in Costa Rica. Barely hot, but tasty. Don't...
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    Remo Vintage Emperor

    I've only ever had coated. I think they have plenty of attack so that curbs my curiosity about the clear a bit.
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    If you just need to hear snare and toms for monitoring you could do what I just did and get a pair of overheards (small diaphragm condensers). I have a set of three shure sm57s with mic clips, but I don't have enough channels on the board to use them where I play. If I'm not recording, this is...
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    Remo Vintage Emperor

    I almost posted earlier for inspiration on what heads I should buy for my toms next, but I didn't. I wasn't happy with the tuning on my 16" so I looked through old heads and found my old remo vintage emperor. Back on the drum it went and I was reminded of how nice it was. It's not in the best...
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    The supremacy of the sound technician or “Why do all the drummers in Nashville play behind a plexiglass wall?”

    The cage sure is a nuanced issue. It falls under the umbrella of room alterations. And can be done so poorly so easily. It is a reflector not an absorber so used without an absorbing element it just introduces delays into the room. With an absorbing element, you now removed sound from the mix...
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    Hardcases_ $$$or $$$$$$

    Well look at that! 16 years later and the price went down. I should return mine and get those, but what to do with the $30.74....
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    What an underrated snare drum

    The throwoff is a little rundown, but that can be upgraded easily.
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    Hardcases_ $$$or $$$$$$

    Can you buy them in a pack? I think I paid ~$400 for 10/12/14/22 around 2003. Later I found the snare case for ~$60. I do like how they lock together and I worry less with people "helping" me move them.
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    What an underrated snare drum

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    What an underrated snare drum

    I nearly forgot that I had this drum, but I pulled it out recently and was blown away again by the sensitivity and solid punchy rock sound it was set to. I once tried to sell it because I wasn't using it and was barely offered $20 for it. Anyone else have one of these and love it?
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    Your first "pro" cymbal as a kid

    It would be very interesting to get him to a store with a reasonable selection and find what his ear gravitates to. That's what I did. I had some sabian b8 pro's or something rather and didn't like the crash. So I went to my local store and set up the three or four 18" crashes that they had on...