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  1. Mongrel

    "Vistalite Black" is our kitchen whisk

    You kill me Nacci! Like a knife I tell ya, the guy is sharp as a knife.... Hmmm....I wonder if you can see this? :confused1:
  2. Mongrel

    "Vistalite Black" is our kitchen whisk

    Wait..... How did you find this thread then?! Lol
  3. Mongrel

    Why Do Folk Music Drummers Have Such Great Reputations?

    I LOVE the Mamas and the Papas!!!
  4. Mongrel

    Why Do Folk Music Drummers Have Such Great Reputations?

    Interesting...I discovered a few "under appreciated" drummers who somehow made the Drummerworld line up: Tomas Haake: Dave Lombardo: Eric Moore...
  5. Mongrel

    All my cymbals (almost)

    Yea...I'm thinking it ain't the cymbals, Everything you play sounds good to me. I agree, it would be hard to let any of those go I think. Hey, which John Riley CD is that track from? It seems he has a couple out.
  6. Mongrel

    How Come None of Y'all Told Me Buddy Rich Quit Drums in 1956 to Become a Singer?

    Wait.... He knew Judo well enough to teach it, yet not well enough to keep his face from being "bashed in", or to toss "Ole Blue Eyes" around? LOL
  7. Mongrel

    "STORM AREA 51" Arrests...

    It doesn't take long to insert the upgraded chips and send them on their way... They were merely following the homing beacon in. They picked them up three miles in because the average "conspiracy theorist" can't afford the thermal imaging and tracking gear necessary to "see" that far... In a...
  8. Mongrel

    Favorite drum hardware.

    Ahhh....and there may be the I have only owned and used Rogers and Tama hardware going back to '77. Wait-also used North hardware a ways back. Recently picked up a set of the DW "ultra lightweight" hardware. I have a few pieces of Gibraltar stuff (cymbal arms and clamps), and...
  9. Mongrel

    Favorite drum hardware.

    No, I didn't pick up on that at all... By the same token, I wasn't trying to call you out or put you on the spot. Just curious, how and for how long this may have been going on. I had never heard that in regard to hardware-other than the mass produced "cheap" stuff, sort of like Gibraltar...
  10. Mongrel

    Favorite drum hardware.

    Got me curious, so I have been looking into this... Can't find anything linking "Reliance" to any hardware other than the Dixon brand. Any clues where to verify Reliance's link to any major brands? Thanks!
  11. Mongrel

    Help identifying some possible Vintage hardware.

    Definitely Rogers hex-rods. How long are the two shorter hex rods with the roll-pins going through the pointy end? That will tell you what size bass drum they go with. I may be interested in those four Rogers pieces. Let me know how much you want for them, or if we could do a possible trade....
  12. Mongrel

    Songs I Greatly Dislike FRIDAY FIVE FER

    Just a
  13. Mongrel

    Favorite drum hardware.

    You asked\stated\suggested that it all looked the it came out of the same factory and was designed by Gibraltar. Every one of those makers developed, and at least at one time, manufactured, their own unique hardware. As far as "today", while I have no firm evidence to prove it, I...
  14. Mongrel

    Favorite drum hardware.

    "No guesses or "I think's, please." Seriously? lol Let me get out my World-wide history of drum Short answer: NO Gibraltar is a late-comer (founded 1993, owned by DW). Rogers (1849) and Ludwig (founded 1909) were two of the larger American companies that survived the 60s and...
  15. Mongrel

    Favorite drum hardware.

    Tama....since 1981. Never had a need to look elsewhere. Not even at that company that makes the motorbikes..... :p
  16. Mongrel

    Why Don Henley Switched to Tama in '78-'79

    One of the main reasons I am hanging onto my lowly '99 "Performers"....100% MIJ! Lol
  17. Mongrel

    Gretsch Broadkaster snare nightmare!

    Wow.... Europe you say? Tell Grestsch you want a coupon to pick up the Sonor snare drum of your choice. Assure them that you will then burn whatever it is that they sent you so no one will ever know they actually sent it out to you like that!
  18. Mongrel

    Cool Drums

    Sorry....I must have dozed off.... You were saying?
  19. Mongrel

    Skb 22” - with wheels or not

    I may be a little slow, but I don't understand adding wheels to something that you are going to put onto something with wheels. How cymbals do you normally carry? How often will you not have the cart and have to carry them? When I go "big" I use a hard cymbal case and a cart. When I go "small"...
  20. Mongrel

    Premium membership and Ad free options.

    No good via PayPal.... Just tried. I will try my cc... Looks like the only way to pay is via PayPal. "Something not working right" Return to merchant....