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  1. Soulfinger

    Why Do Folk Music Drummers Have Such Great Reputations?

    a) Drumming is not a sporting event. Physical demands don´t mean anything. If it fits the music, it is good. b) Calling Keltner and especially Gadd and Colaiuta "folk music drummers" is like calling Stevie Wonder "a guy who wrote a birthday song". c) Those guys are regarded as legends because...
  2. Soulfinger

    Mystery Sabian Ride

    Reminds me of a (Big & Ugly series) Pandora, only lathed. +1 re. prototype
  3. Soulfinger

    yet ANOTHER laughable greatest list

    Even if you don´t appreciate Wilco (great band IMHO) you can´t deny Glenn Kotche:
  4. Soulfinger

    What are the cheapest sticks you're willing to play (and pay)?

    For me, the cost of sticks is negligible. I play lightly and quietly most of the time, and a pair usually lasts me years. So I gladly spend 10 bucks for a pair of Vaters (Manhattan 7A Hickory or 8A Sugar Maple) and know that I get sticks that are matched in pitch and weight and sound great. If...
  5. Soulfinger

    K Cons vs Paiste Trads

    Whoa. So do I. :) Mighty nice sound, and very tasteful playing.
  6. Soulfinger

    Well this one is intriguing

    "Good condition with wear from use" - Uh... no. :) This definitely didn´t come from the factory like this. I´ve seen 404s that were completely inverted - like a Novo China - but never one with a, to quote Zildjian, "volcano bell". The 404s were very malleable due to the alloy, the lathing and...
  7. Soulfinger

    Help identifying a snare drum

    I think you´re spot on. The lugs are definitely not intended to be used as doubles and I wouldn´t be surprised if the tuning rods bottom out on each other at higher tension. The vertical grain inside the shell means Made in Germany.
  8. Soulfinger

    Paiste Sig Trad Medium Light Hats

    I have a pair, great hats. I use them for jazz along with a 18" pre-serial Formula 602 Medium and a 20" Signature Rough Ride. Like all my other Paiste HHs they are extremely responsive and sensitive. I particulary like the slight trashiness they have, a perfect fit for the strange beast that is...
  9. Soulfinger

    Ride Recommendations?

    Used A Medium Ride or A Custom Ride should be easy to find within your budget. Very good all purpose rides. Personally, I´d stay away from the Z line, especially the Mega Bell. These are designed for high volume situations and will be too much for anything else.
  10. Soulfinger

    New Beats

    Bought my first pair three years ago - some 35 years after I started playing. New, redesigned and simply wonderful. Stupidly sold them when GASsing for something more exotic and bought another pair last year (14" both times). I currently play my Paistes more than my Zildjians, but the New Beats...
  11. Soulfinger

    Zildjian K Constantinople Players Here?

    Had: 14" Hi Hats. Never got on with them, too trashy and undefined 20" Medium. Lovely cymbal, but, for lack of a better word, too "pretty". Got bored with it after a while and sold it. 22" Bounce. Now that was a great cymbal but, like Tracktuary said, too much of a good thing. Still have: 20"...
  12. Soulfinger

    What an underrated snare drum

    Those Budget Tama snares can be superb. Never played the Artwood but had a go at one of the new Superstar Classics recently and it was great. I picked up a steel Rockstar some time ago for 30 €, gave it a bit of TLC and new heads - fabulous drum! If the strainer bothers you, Tama´s linear...
  13. Soulfinger

    Can anyone explain to me why this 60's German band did not play Sonors? ;)

    Gosh, that was awful. The singing, the song, the Oktoberfest choreography... Maybe Sonor didn´t want to have anything to do with them and got a court order for them to stay away from their products. Of couse, Vistalite got it right. ;-)
  14. Soulfinger

    Hi Hat clutch - how to cover the threads to prevent keyholing ?

    I´ve used that Yamaha clutch for years (I´m guessing it´s the same as on their single-braced stand) and never felt comfortable with it because of the threading. I recently replaced it with a Sonor 200 series - 6 mm like the Yamaha, not threaded, same weight and less than ten bucks. Highly...
  15. Soulfinger

    Elaine Elias w Rafael Barrata Brazilian Jazz

    Simply wonderful, thanks for that. Love the flow. They make it look so easy. :)
  16. Soulfinger

    Confessions of a cymbal gear-head

    So I guess you´re basically telling me to go and buy the 602 SE hats my dealer has on sale? Thanks, just what I needed to hear. :-D
  17. Soulfinger

    Confessions of a cymbal gear-head

    Do you worry about your gear or do you enjoy buying gear? There´s a difference, you know. :-) I love cymbals, and I love getting new stuff. Shopping won´t make me a better player but great instruments do inspire me to play more and sometimes even differently (in a good way). So - win-win for me.
  18. Soulfinger

    Wikipedia Rabbit Hole

    That is some good stuff, thanks! I can totally relate to your Kevin Mahogany guess - I haven´t been fooled by a voice like that since David Clayton-Thomas. :)
  19. Soulfinger

    Matt Decides not to Shave

    I dunno… not my cup of tea. I wouldn´t mod it though. Sell it on, get a used Paiste Sig Full or Dark Energy ride for a similar (but better IMHO) sound and have some money left (and no keyhole either). Then again, I´m not particularly crazy about vintage cymbals.
  20. Soulfinger

    Opinions on Zildjian A 20 crash/ride (current model)

    I have one (from 2016) and it is fabulous. They really nailed the classic A sound with the redesign. I use mine for jazz (as a main ride) but I bet it would work very well in a pop/rock setting. Great bell, full crash and very nice ping.