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    Too many bigots on DFO

    Too many bigots on DFO
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    Oriollo Phantom Kit Demo

    Since this video was posted, I have obtained a Phantom kit of my own. I am extremely happy with it, although mine doesn't sound quite this good due to a manufacturer's defect located on the throne...
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    DRUM! Magazine DONE! Magazine

    I read today the DRUM! Magazine is closing up shop. Too bad. I enjoy all the various drummer publications.
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    Brian Tichy John Bonham 5 licks to know !!!

    Tichy is the real deal as a player and Bonham aficionado. His enthusiasm and appreciation for his musical roots reminds me of Grohl. If you ever get the chance, he hosts the annual Bonham Bash during Winter NAMM.
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    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    My neighbors SUCK! They never gift me amazing drum sets...
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    Mapex BP "Black Widow"

    Can you post a pic?
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    Is 8” the new 6.5”?

    Been trying to convince my wife for years that 5 is the new 6.5...
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    INDe launching a new drum business

    Just another attempt at his relentless efforts to part me from my money. Well, if Josh thinks he can create even MORE amazing drums that look and sound great, with innovative and high-quality hardware, so that I'll eventually break and buy some, well he's got another think coming. I have a...
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    Offset Double Pedal Reviewed by Nick D'Virgilio

    I remember the SONOR unit. I seem to remember they were charging and arm and a leg for them, which became a problem because one-legged drummers have no use for such a product! <insert rim shot HERE>
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    Offset Double Pedal Reviewed by Nick D'Virgilio

    It's not a new product and has been around for years, although I don't know how long.
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    Bucket List - I saw Ringo!!!

    One of my best friends from high school and still to this day, is close friends with Gregg. He was backstage with the band at this same show (he lives in SACTO). He got to get on stage before the show to check out both kits. Glad you were able to do this with your friend! Ringo's kit...
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    Offset Double Pedal Reviewed by Nick D'Virgilio

    Actually, since the bass drum has moved to the left, normal FT placement would make it seem like it would be far away. In relation to snare and tack toms though, centering the bass drum allows more freedom in FT placement.
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    Yamaha EAD10

    This is a misconception. You are not getting sampled sounds. You are getting recorded sounds or your gear (not counting the kick trigger, which can be defeated if desired) that have been processed through your choice of effects presets or custom patches. It's all adjustable from highly processed...
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    Ditching the IEMS for live gigs

    It's not difficult to find budget priced IEMs that seal as good as any musicians' ear plugs and provide similar db reduction. I don't play the music loud through my IEMs and my ears don't feel fatigued nor do I suffer ringing after a gig.
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    Thoughts on getting old

    I can pretty much guarantee that this new pedal will not be as nice in 50 years as your Ghost is now. I am also fairly certain that you won't care!
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    Good Job, Web-Shopping Enthusiasts, You've Closed Another Music Store!

    My point is that a lot of people are commenting about the feeling that internet sales killed off this store, which isn't anything but a made up theory of the OP. Why bag on me for pointing that out?
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    Custom molds vs universal iems

    Just curious, what was the direct price? I went through Amazon and had mine the next day with free delivery.
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    Good Job, Web-Shopping Enthusiasts, You've Closed Another Music Store!

    And yet many of the replies are reacting to the headline and not the article. There's a lesson here...
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    Custom molds vs universal iems

    I just got my KZ ZS10 PRO delivered yesterday. I immediately added the Comply foam tips and the isolation improved dramatically. I had been using custom fit UE's for years, but the plastic finally broke at the wire connection on one piece. I loved them while I had them though, but at my playing...