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  1. blueshadow

    13" floor tom/drumstick between a 2S&3S.

    Depending on which Rocker lugs....the later ones are wider spaced than Classic lugs though the lugs them selves look to be the same size....thanks Ludwig :) Ludwig Classic maple shells are pretty thin as well and might due well searching for a 13" power tom
  2. blueshadow

    PBS Country Music by Ken Burns

    His doc titled "The West" is really good as well
  3. blueshadow

    PBS Country Music by Ken Burns

    I'm recording it, watched part on Sunday and last night but was flipping to watch football as well. I feel I'm fairly informed of the history but there's still been some stuff I didn't know
  4. blueshadow

    What were these lugs called?

    That's a gorgeous drum would be an awesome small kick I bet...but a little too pricey for me
  5. blueshadow

    Pearl 1.6mm Fat Tone Hoops

    I got a 70's 400 a month or so ago with the thinner hoops (originals I'd guess) and can't believe how good this sounds. My black beauty has stayed home since then. The cross stick sounds like a wood block (when I get the stick just right that is) Sorry Mo never tried the Pearl's, had...
  6. blueshadow

    Being a drummer in the Country & Western/Western Swing world

    If you haven't read this gives a really good background on country drumming. Also PBS/Ken Burns History of Country music is on this week, first show was last night. Like said in an earlier post...
  7. blueshadow

    Checking in a 22” bass drum

    Might be cheaper to fed ex the bass drum to the studio if possible and then fed ex back home (or if it's a really cheap bass I'd probably donate to the studio rather than pay to ship it home)
  8. blueshadow

    Songs I Greatly Dislike FRIDAY FIVE FER

    Just turn top 40 country radio on for 5 songs and that's my five....wait probably will only count as one since they will all sound the same
  9. blueshadow

    Favorite drum hardware.

    I've had Ludwig Modular hardware from 90's, Yamaha and Tama single braced all good. Currently using Ludwig Atlas Classic flat base. It looks great folds up compact and is light enough. It's not super light but it's sturdy.
  10. blueshadow

    "Beater Kits".... do you really need one?

    Needed a beater floor tom last night as a loaner! Got done with our happy hour show, Alvin Crow plays after us which his drummer subs for me and I sub for him when needed. I was packed and sitting on my tailgate and knew the drummer had forgotten something you can just tell. Left his floor...
  11. blueshadow

    Getting replaced/replacing someone

    Hey Mo, Don't think you did anything wrong here and it sucks the other drummer is taking it out on you. Guess just human nature to be p!ssed at your replacement but nothing you did wrong. You got called for a gig and you took the gig. Like others I've been on both sides of it and have always...
  12. blueshadow

    Ludwig LR255STH Single Tom Holder

    Gotcha, Gibraltar makes almost identical tom arm, main thing is to get the 9.5 ball l rod. Would just be minus the Ludwig sticker and Ludwig T-Handle. The T Handle you could replace on the Gibraltar with a Ludwig....all made in same factory I'm sure
  13. blueshadow

    Accessory Trays

    On my phone at the moment but don't see them did we get it taken care of?
  14. blueshadow

    Ludwig LR255STH Single Tom Holder

    Might email and see how long it would take to get one
  15. blueshadow

    Drummer Shoes

    I'm getting a pair of these with some 8mm posts mounted in the toes...figure I can leave cymbals stands at home :)
  16. blueshadow

    DIY cymbal/snare rack

    Looks great, I would want some padding, at least some carpeting maybe where the drums and cymbals rest, though I doubt Pine would do much damage.
  17. blueshadow

    Is There a Cooler Big-Time Drummer Than ...

    Leaving the thread open for now, have deleted all posts that were not within Forum rules and any responses to those oh and I love Nicko
  18. blueshadow

    Message from mouse

    Sorry I don't check down this far in the forum enough...did this get taken care of? If not PM Ben (Drawtheline55) , I think he's the only one that can reset
  19. blueshadow

    INDe launching a new drum business

    He's doing spurs already with BR-1 or 2, I'm sure you could ask about using them with the 3 instead.
  20. blueshadow

    A vintage Zildjian - with a "zillion" die stamps - one for Zenstat

    Would love to hear Paul Francis's take on the history of this cymbal full of stamps or Johnny D who is a member