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  1. Ludzil

    A Zildjian cymbals for sale SOLD

    50's SSB 15" hats, 984g over 1055g, good condition, some stains and very small nicks on bottom cymbal $225 plus shipping 50's SSB 15" hats, 946g over 1012g, some marks, very small nicks, bottom cymbal has keyhole $200 plus shipping Thank You
  2. Ludzil

    Basie does the Beatles

    Never knew this existed.
  3. Ludzil

    Patrick McGoohan

    Actor, star of the Prisoner, was also a drummer. I didn't know that. Here is a clip of a movie he was in playing. Said he was miming to a track with Joe Morello playing.
  4. Ludzil

    A Zildjian Hats

    50's small stamp type B, top 984g bottom 1055g. Good conditon, some minor stains, slight keyhole on top cymbal, no cracks, smooth edges. Stamps are faint and hard to see but with a magnifying glass you can see they are SSB stamps. $250 plus shipping
  5. Ludzil

    For the Beatle/Ringo fans

    Recording a friend and I did last year. He played all the intruments did vocals, me on drums. We did a bunch of other Beatle tunes but this one is my favorite.
  6. Ludzil

    Bass drum skin

    Looking for a original Ludwig 22" bass drum skin with the 60's logo, thanks
  7. Ludzil

    A Zildjian crash

    18" late 50's small stamp med thin crash, 1432g. Slight keyhole starting, couple of very tiny edge nicks, so minor that the edges are still smooth. Underside has some staining. It has some large hammering near the bell. Overall in very good shape. It has a dark sounding crash and nice wash...
  8. Ludzil

    Trans stamp? Should someone message this seller and tell him he has a 70's cymbal?
  9. Ludzil

    60's A Zildjian Cymbals

    I have 3 for sale 20" med heavy ride, 2386g, no keyhole, cracks, or nicks, does have some surface stains $150 plus shipping 18" thin crash, 1388g, slight keyhole but no cracks, or nicks $120 plus shipping 15" heavy bottom hat, "New Beat" weight, 1433g, has keyhole, small crack at mounting...
  10. Ludzil

    Vintage A Zildjian

    60's 18" thin crash, 1388g, slight keyhole but no edge nicks or cracks $125 plus shipping pm for pics
  11. Ludzil

    50's A Zildjian

    15" hat, 984g, no nicks, cracks or keyhole, but has one small wave or dent on edge, $90 shipped
  12. Ludzil

    60's A Zildjian

    20" med ride, 2386g, nice stick definition. No nicks, dents or keyholing but has surface stains.$150 shipped.
  13. Ludzil

    Remo Powerstroke P3

    Probably was discussed before but couldn't find in the search, but I want to use this batter head on my 60's Ludwig 22" bass drums with no muffling. Anyone else use these and which is best for this drum, clear, coated or smooth white or is there much difference. Will be using a speed king with...
  14. Ludzil

    For the Beatle fans
  15. Ludzil

    Vintage A Zildjian cymbals

    Late 50's 15" hat, SSB, 984g. Was using as a bottom but can also be a good top. No cracks, edge nicks or keyhole but does have one small dent on edge. $130 shipped. Early to mid 60's 20" med ride, 2386g. No cracks, edge nicks or keyhole but does have some surface stains.$180 shipped.
  16. Ludzil

    15" A's for sale

    I have two vintage 15" A Zildjian cymbals. late 50's small stamp, 940g, believe it was a crash as there were no rub marks under the edge but I used it for a bit as a top hat so now the marks are there. All smoothe edges, no cracks or keyhole, few small stains on top but overall a nice looking...
  17. Ludzil

    Sir Ringo

    Ringo is to be knighted in the new year
  18. Ludzil

    60's 15" A Zildjian

    Weighs in at 1433g. Large 1.5 in stamp. Not sure if it is a New Beat bottom or a band cymbal. Has a bit of keyhole and a small spider crack at the mounting hole. Does not effect cymbal at all. In overall good shape, $75 plus shipping. Thanks
  19. Ludzil

    Cymbal delivery by Dominoes

    I'll join the club of those who has had something drum related or not delivered in a pizza box, and with no inside padding whatsoever. Just received a 15" cymbal today that came this way. I have heard of others who have had the same type of delivery. Anyways, no damage to the cymbal even after...
  20. Ludzil

    OT sort of, just venting

    So, I find out yesterday our lead guitar player was asked to sub for another band New Year's eve. He turned it down for obvious reasons. No, not because we have a gig that night already which you would probably think. No, he has plans to go out with his girlfriend that night to celebrate. I'm...