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  1. rdumas

    Cymbal Shipping Hack it's a great idea.
  2. rdumas

    Cymbal Shipping Hack

    Pretty good idea. I usually cut squares of cardboard and fold them in half over the edges.
  3. rdumas

    Carter McLean at DCP

    Was a good night...smaller intimate crowd (at least compared to some of the more recent DCP events). Pretty low-key. He had a sweet Ludwig Classic Mahogany kit (supplied by DCP) but brought his own snare (Ludwig raw brass) and his own cymbal setup (Istanbul Agops). Played a bit solo and to...
  4. rdumas

    Carter McLean at DCP

    Anyone going to Carter McLean clinic at DCP tonight? Always fun to meet forum folks.
  5. rdumas

    Zildjian K Constantinople Hi Bell Thin High Ride 22”

    What is the right snare? :)
  6. rdumas

    Sakae Aluminum 6.5x14 Snare SOLD

    I think it's already up for resale on Facebook using same for real.
  7. rdumas

    22” Istanbul Mehmet Vezir Jazz Ride, 2306g

    Don't let it go, you'll regret it if it's anything like the Agop of the same name. Great ride.
  8. rdumas

    OT: Baby Parker on the way!

  9. rdumas

    My Meinl Byzance for your Zildjian

    With 3 rivets, about 2280g.
  10. rdumas

    My Meinl Byzance for your Zildjian

  11. rdumas

    Charles Edward Braugham, Working Drummer, Chicago, Illinois.

    59-61 Chicago badge on kick. I have a Slingy kit with a 22" kick and could be interested. Any idea on price and full condition?
  12. rdumas

    She had a tattoo and I took a pic...

    I thought you meant the Peter Tork tat.
  13. rdumas

    Playing "Don't Stop Believing" tonight for the FIRST time! Is it okay to just fudge it?

    Trick is playing open handed and remembering the few different patterns.
  14. rdumas

    Meinl Byzance 21" Nuance Ride w/3 rivets, about 2280g

    bump....also on Ebay
  15. rdumas

    4.5x14 80s Brady Jarrah block snare drum

    Exeter Drum Works. Custom stave drum maker. I own a couple of their snares and they do excellent work. Contact Jeff there and he may be able to help you.
  16. rdumas

    Sweet, but not $1800 sweet!

  17. rdumas

    Zildjian K Constantinople Players Here?

    It's great hearing all these opinions and observations about the K Cons. So, I have used nothing but hand hammered Turkish-made cymbals for quite awhile. When I decided to get Zildjians, I picked up some K Cons. Interestingly to me, these are brighter and louder than pretty much anything I have...
  18. rdumas

    Barton Blowout!

    Where is the blowout sale?