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  1. J

    Favorite drum hardware.

    1st reaction...TAMA! Yamaha is a very close 2nd. There are many companies that have great individual products, but IMO TAMA wins. Why not Yamaha you ask? Their boom cymbal stand arms are a deal breaker for me...
  2. J

    WTB: Tama Bell Brass Snare Drum

    What are the odds of any of these shells cracking? While not the same, I've seen the N&C-Zildjian Snares with cracked shells...
  3. J

    Ludwig Gig-Lite

    That's the exact kit I almost bought.. Congrats!
  4. J

    Trade: Skb 24” rolling hard cymbal case

    I'd be all over this if you were in Vegas... I need it this week for a fly date. Something to keep in mind...the 24" version of these are cool if you want to stash extra stuff like clothes etc when you fly.
  5. J

    Ludwig Gig-Lite

    Those are cool kits. I almost bought 1 when they first came out. Good Luck with your search :-)
  6. J

    Thoughts and opinions on Sonor Vintage Series Drums?

    As an owner of on OG Teardrop kit I'm really curious about these. There is something magical about my kit that I can never see letting them go...just wish I could get hold of a 12 & a 22...mine is 13, 16, 20...
  7. J

    Ludwig Gig-Lite

    Any chance you'd be interested in a Remo Legero or a 1st Gen. Pearl Rhythm Traveler kit?
  8. J

    Why Is This Acro Bidding Up So High???

    Why is this Acrolite bidding up so high? Am I missing something that makes this one special?
  9. J

    GRETSCH Ebony / Dark Walnut Lacquer Singles

    I'm looking for Square Badge, SSB, or Drop G Ebony Lacquer Singles drums...Dark Walnut may even work too...10, 12, Toms, 14 FT, 24 Kick, etc.. What do you have? Thanks -John :-)
  10. J

    Tama Dyna-Sync Double Pedal. Love it!

    So I wonder if TAMA is gonna make a matching HH Stand for all of the OCD drummers out there ;-)
  11. J

    Ludwig Heads on Ludwig NOB Snares..or any Snare...

    I snagged this particular drum because it's got my favorite hoops on it & I'm really falling for 6 Lug drums lately. I think the lugs are repro, but that's cool with me as I'm giggin this joint!
  12. J

    Most Versatile Drummers

    Meg White?
  13. J

    Ludwig Heads on Ludwig NOB Snares..or any Snare...

    I've got Big Love for Ludwig NOB snares & recently acquired this 4x14...6 lugger... I actually think this is a Ludwig&Ludwig since there is no embossed logo...its outfitted with 3F NOB Hoops & I believe German Wires...I have some brand new Ludwig Snare Heads...Reso & Batter I'm about to pop on...
  14. J

    Zyn or other thin nickel silver cymbals

    Do Paiste qualify for this? I'm not sure what exactly they're made of...
  15. J

    WTB: Ludwig/WFL Gold Sparkle New Yorker Bass Drum

    I personally have a Champagne Sparkle... but I'm not planning to sell. There is however a guy here in Vegas selling a Silver Sparkle & also a matching 12" tom...No floor AFAIK.
  16. J

    pearl music city custom drums, 22, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 $2900

    Link isn't working for me...
  17. J

    SOLD - 60's Ludwig Small Badge Snare / Tom etc..

    Closing today :-)
  18. J

    WTB: Ludwig/WFL Gold Sparkle New Yorker Bass Drum

    Are you open to other colors besides Gold Sparkle?
  19. J

    Rogers Holy grail find.

    Wow! I live in Vegas & missed this one. I've had a few friends score some insane kits here just right place right time situations. Congrats on a great score!