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  1. squidart

    "Robert R. Keller" signature shell

    I had been wondering the same thing Steven. This is a 7x13 that C&C made for me around 1997-1998.
  2. squidart

    Buyers/Sellers Feedback

    Easy peasy dealio with Mackermanesq. Ride on with your new old 602!
  3. squidart

    Buyers/Sellers Feedback

    Kudos to ludwig402 for a smooth transaction. Enjoy that tom holder Lee!
  4. squidart

    Ebay/Craigslist heads up for vintage drums-the official thread

    Post is now deleted. I was thinking about contacting the seller as it matches my kit but balked to wait for an 8 lugger. I will keep my eyes peeled. Did you buy via craigslist?
  5. squidart

    Another Addition

    :( Came here for baby pics.
  6. squidart

    If you've ever wondered how Ringo would approach The Purdie Shuffle...

    Those two are having way too much fun. They complement each other perfectly on this.
  7. squidart

    Price Cut! $150 Mixed Bag 50s Zildjian 800g 14” Hats - VIDEO DEMO

    Ok folks. I’m gonna give these away for $150 plus shipping. Yep. There ya go. I’m feeling generous today and I have too many hats!
  8. squidart

    Old rare Leedy drums can still be had on Craigslist

    Beat me to it! Congrats! I saw it after (of course) I had just got back to Tacoma from Federal Way. Did you get to peek at that other snare in the pic?
  9. squidart

    Rolling Stone: The Best Snare Drums

    RIP Rolling Stone. They used to cover this culturally significant thing called “music” a few decades ago.
  10. squidart

    A vintage Zildjian - with a "zillion" die stamps - one for Zenstat

    Or a trainer piece for newly hired die-strikers maybe. Regardless I betcha there were a few of these floating around on workbenches there for years.
  11. squidart

    Found! Thanks Nacci! Slingerland 1960s T-Rods

    Not being one to dawdle.... I'll take the full mess! DM the details and we'll get down to bizniss!
  12. squidart

    SOLD. Paiste 602 20” Medium Ride

    DFO time traveller is my new handle! :)
  13. squidart

    I want to have my daughter decorate a snare....(Paints, top coat etc)

    Test the spray lacquer over paint pen on something else first. Lacquers don’t always play well with others. Try Krylon crystal clear if that doesn’t work. Cool dragon!
  14. squidart

    Gigging Vintage Ludwig Sets

    I took out the 64 Super Classics on Monday. Carefully. If I hadn’t known the venue and the easy load in I wouldn’t have though. I would definitely not take them on the road due to the fragile hardware. But they sounded fantastic in a jazz setting with high, live ceilings and no mics. I run em...
  15. squidart

    Oddly even yellowing

    “Oddly even”. I see what you did there. ;)
  16. squidart

    SOLD. Paiste 602 20” Medium Ride

    Info sent. You still in?
  17. squidart

    Found! Thanks Nacci! Slingerland 1960s T-Rods

    Thanks for the tip. A little rich for my blood and I have the claws. The search continues!
  18. squidart

    A vintage Zildjian - with a "zillion" die stamps - one for Zenstat

    What an amazing piece of history! I imagine it could have been a training piece for newly hired die-strikers.
  19. squidart

    DFO member Squidart

    Thanks for coming! It was a pleasure. You can have my aching left hand today. ;)
  20. squidart

    Shout out to atomicmorganic !

    Hey Tom! Thanks for coming out to the jam last night! It was a pleasure to meet you and the Mrs. DFO folks are swell in real life too. :) Dave