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  1. Erik

    "C.I.A. Man" the fugs

    I've never heard of them, but will check them out. Floyd- when I think of the birth of Punk, I think of the Sonics. Good, raw rock and rolll
  2. Erik

    Used a shoe horn today for the first time in over 20 yrs - but this time on my drum kit

    I have a long handled shoe horn and I use it often for a pair of slip on dress shoes I have.
  3. Erik


    Polska, I had that CD too. Tried to like and it was awful.
  4. Erik


    We often hire a sound guy just like Blisco said above. $100. We have a couple guys we've used and helping us break down is part of the gig.
  5. Erik

    What are the cheapest sticks you're willing to play (and pay)?

    I've used the store brand from GC and Sam Ash and probably wont do that again. I usually use Vic Firth 5B & 5A. I just tried a pair of Meinl 5B's and I liked them, a lot.
  6. Erik

    OT: Tool!

    I really like the new album, I've been able to go thru it a couple times and 7empest and Chocolate Chip Trip stand out.
  7. Erik

    Drums for sale:

    Ok, seriously... That Ludwig bowling ball kit, what's the story on that one?
  8. Erik

    OT: Favorite hot sauces?

    Yum, lots of stuff I've never heard of. I just discovered Peri-Peri sauce a few months ago and kinda feel like the world was keeping it a secret from me. I read somewhere (so it must be true) that our taste buds, like vision and hearing, get weaker as we age, which is why older people buy hot...
  9. Erik

    Valley Drum Shop snare drums(post yours!)

    I don't have a Valley Drum Shop snare, but I used to shop there back in the early 90's. I had them (Bill Detamore) re-edge my Ludwig Coliseum snare and the edges are still razor sharp. *there were spots on both edges that looked like they missed the router, just flat in spots and I dont think...
  10. Erik

    Backbeats-Dead Center or Rim Shots?

    I'm in the habit of rim shots and have been consciously working on center hits. I like both sounds, but I'm working on stroke control and bringing my volume down.
  11. Erik

    Are any classic rockers worth seeing anymore in 2019?

    I saw Sammy Hagar a couple months ago with Jason Bonham on drums. It was much better than I had expected. Friends persuaded me to go and it was a great night. Sammy was on stage the whole set and looked to be having a great time. His voice is strong and it's hard to believe he is 71. Thumbs up!
  12. Erik

    Mapex 30th Anniversary

  13. Erik

    6/2019 Update. Even More new songs from my band, Whoa!Tiger

    One more bump before this sinks out of site... Thanks for your time!
  14. Erik

    What's Your Favorite Drum Tuning Key?

    I have several, but my favorite is the Ludwig ratchet key I've had since high school
  15. Erik

    Your favorite freebie that you still use.

    14 x5.5 Gretsch hammered steel snare I won at a Stanton Moore clinic. It’s been my #1 ever since, although the Pearl Steve Feronne signature snare my dad gave me has been seeing action too.
  16. Erik

    Bands Are Like Barbeque

    Sounds like a great gig!
  17. Erik

    Terry Bozzio DVD availability?

    I saw the Jeff Beck / SRV tour as well. Both bands were fantastic.
  18. Erik

    Anybody got $85K laying around?

    I know the snare is rare, but I've never seen a stand like that.
  19. Erik

    Flying with a mic bag

    Last year I flew from Spokane WA to Indianapolis with a DW double pedal in my carry on. After x-ray the TSA agent pulled me aside, opened the bag and asked what it was. After I told him, he said "cool". No issues
  20. Erik

    AVH Drumming on “Jump” Solo

    I was lucky enough to see VH live a couple times. On 5150 I was able to sit behind Alex's kit for a couple seconds, but was not allowed to touch anything. He had simmons pads for toms, duct tape on the snare and everything felt like it was set up for a giant. I didn't get to meet the band but...