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  1. imthebeat

    Wanted: Vintage Tama Superstar 22" bass drum hoop Super Maple finish

    need one 22" Tama Superstar hoop, Super Maple finish for 1980 bass drum, thanks
  2. imthebeat

    Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Lugs

    Looking for 10 in excellent condition, these are the one screw type with a post that doesn't go through the shell. I need them for a 5.5 " snare but I believe same were used for tom drums. Thanks
  3. imthebeat

    Vintage Hilite Sonar Exclusive kit with Sonar snare Signature Series. Help with value

    The snare on the UK site sold for between 1999 and 2199 GBP, which is approx. $3425-$3767 USD, using today's exchange rate.
  4. imthebeat

    Help Identifying Brady Snare Drum

    Picked this snare up recently, first Brady I've owned What I do know: 5.5" x 14 5.5mm thick shell Black lacquer finish on the outer shell, painted black inside. Shell composition, year, estimated value? Thanks
  5. imthebeat

    Extraordinarily nice Superstar kit

    I bought that kit in May of 2012 in the UK, and recently sold it to the Ebay seller It's a 6ply 9mm kit from late '79/early 1980
  6. imthebeat

    What is this drum? (Tama snare, Cordia wood inner/outer ply)

    Model AS876 in 1991, model number changed to CW326 in 1992 through 1994, CW326L in 1995. Appeared in Japanese catalogs only. Outer plies are cordia, inner plies are birch. The Roller Action throwoff and butt end were available on certain Japanese snare drum models well into the 90's, not so here...
  7. imthebeat

    Old Tama Rockstars new to me input needed

    Rockstar Pro- 1988
  8. imthebeat

    Price feedback on Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute kit.

    I recently purchased a Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute, 10, 12, 14, 22, w/5.5 x 14" snare, Vintage Natural finish, excellent condition for $1500 shipped. Older version with absolute lugs and Dyna Hoops. I think at least $2500 shipped to the right buyer is possible, especially with the 18" and 20"...
  9. imthebeat

    MUST SEE!! i just bought the most AMAZING collection ever!! L@@K!

    Mr. Deems passed away in 1998, here is his obituary from a British tabloid: While not on the popularity level with Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa, he was a fairly well known jazz drummer who appeared in a few films...
  10. imthebeat

    MUST SEE!! i just bought the most AMAZING collection ever!! L@@K!
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    Camco, NY Craigslist
  12. imthebeat

    Post your Rarest Snare!!

    1980 Tama 6.5 x 14 Superstar snare, rare Super Sunburst lacquer finish
  13. imthebeat

    Tama Superstar Maple shell...smoking gun....

    The only Maple Superstars;
  14. imthebeat

    Tama Superstar Maple shell...smoking gun....

    The maple vs. birch Superstar discussion comes up on another forum devoted exclusively to Tama drums, from an expert (not me) " That catalogue is generally considered to be stretching the truth :) The only maple Tamas prior to Artstar I BEM were a snare called the MEGA8 Maple, which were old...
  15. imthebeat

    Tama Superstar Maple shell...smoking gun....

    Corrected in the 1980 catalog
  16. imthebeat

    Tama Superstar Maple shell...smoking gun....

    Here are pix of a 20" tama birch bass drum with re-rings once owned by Billy Cobham, very similar finish to the drums on Ebay the seller hedges in his listing, he says maple or birch, but he's got the plies wrong, they're 4-ply shells, 6mm thick...
  17. imthebeat

    Tama Superstar Maple shell...smoking gun....

    I agree with Thin, matte finish birch shells, 9600 Series, 4 ply 6 mm shell with reinforcing rings, Tama angled seam. 1977- to early '79 The Mega8 snare was the only maple shell with a Tama badge in the late 70's, no re-rings, vertical seam
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    The return of p00der!

    MonkeyGrass, You got it wrong, I'm not defending him, just trying to understand what makes no sense to me. How can this happen without repercussions? Here is the relevant section of the eBay Seller Protection Policy: In cases where a buyer has made unreasonable demands (including extorting a...
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    The return of p00der!

    I'm not Jonas/Gayle or one of his "cronies". I've never met him or talked with him. I'm an eBay seller since 1999 with a perfect feedback record, no negative feedback rating in 15 years. I've had several successful business transactions with forum members here and on eBay. If you spent a couple...