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    SOLD Rogers Big R 24", 13", 14"

    I had thoughts about putting together a Rogers Big R set but I really just don't have the room for more than one set. Bass drum is in very good condition, wrap is in great shape. Toms are as I received them which is a bit dirty but will clean up nicely. Sold
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    Floor tom brackets with 2-1/4" spacing

    I've been looking for floor tom brackets for my 14" Camco floor tom and have just about given up. At this point I'd be happy with decent looking non-originals but I'm finding that floor tom brackets with 2-1/4" spacing simply don't exist. I've checked all the usual places I know of and have...
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    Camco floor tom legs and brackets

    Looking for a set of Camco bent floor tom legs and brackets. Also, were the floor tom brackets unique to Camco or were there other builders using them? Thanks! Randy
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    Rubber feet for Camco Spurs

    Can anyone tell me what the best option is for feet on my Oaklawn bass spurs? Thanks, Randy
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    SOLD Tama Stagestar 5 piece

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    Snare Identification

    Can anyone help me ID this snare that's for sale? Has Calfskin head on at least one side. Shell is not magnetic. Thanks! Randy
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    Some nice Camco videos

    Just found this guy on Youtube playing his Camcos. His website has a nice collection of Vintage drums, I just wish he had a better camera. No connection, just thought I'd share! Randy
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    Camco Info. sharing thread. Tone controls, strainers, rims, finishes etc.

    Both of my Camco Oaklawn cable drive tom mufflers rattle which I've read is a common problem. Before I get into diagnosing it myself, has anyone found the source of the rattle and a cure? Thanks, Randy
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    16" Paiste Rude Crash/Ride

    16" Paiste Rude Crash/Ride in good condition. The edges have a few minor nicks but nothing big and no cracks. The largest edge ding is shown in the pics. This was cleaned some time ago before I knew better and there is some scuffing on the top side around the logo. I've owned this since it was...
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    A little Camco refurb advice needed

    Hi everyone, New guy here from Washington State. While on vacation in Oregon last week I wandered by Revival Drum Shop and a 3 piece Camco Oaklawn (22,13,16) followed me home. It's a project set that was stripped and ready for refinish by the late previous owner and he did a great job. It sounds...