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  1. jfpoff

    Zildjian 21" Avedis Ride (New Avedis released in 2016)

    Zildjian 21" Avedis Ride (New Avedis released in 2016) - $250 - That's the exact cymbal 2208 gams. This is the new Avedis line that was released by Zildjian back in 2016. It reminds me of rides from the big band era. Some VERY minor flea bites on the edge...
  2. jfpoff

    SOLD - Ludwig classic maple vintage black oyster pearl

    Putting these beauties on the market. 7 ply maple. You know the drill. Sizes are 22, 18, 16, and 13. Killer set that hate to part with. Just wanting some new. Only trade considerations would be Gretsch Broadcaster or Brooklyn kits. Thanks for looking! (Better pics coming soon) Local cash sale...
  3. jfpoff

    Zildjian and Paiste

    Zildjian K Con 20" Medium Thin High Ride - SOLD Paiste Pre Serial Formula 602 15" Hats, medium weight - $300 Zildjian A Custom 18" China - $120 Zildjian A Custom 10" Splash, Some minor deformation in the center hole, no cracks - $50 No sound files at the moment. Add $10 for CONUS shipping. I...
  4. jfpoff

    Cosmic percussion congas with road cases

    Two cosmic percussion congas. 9" and 10". In great shape with really nice rolling cases. I need these gone quick! $80 cash local pickup in auburn, ga Jerad
  5. jfpoff

    Ludwig Classic Maple - Vintage Black Oyster Pearl Wrap

    I bought these drums new in early 2013. Its a fantastic kit, but I've got an itch for new gear, so these have to go! 7 ply maple Sizes are 16x22 16x18 16x16 9x13 Here is a recording I used this kit on for a bit of reference. $1700 local pickup. I live in Dacula, GA. Enjoy!
  6. jfpoff

    Zildjian A Custom (SOUND FILE)

    Hey guys, Got a few pies for sale. The church my brother is on staff at is merging with another church, so I've been tasked with selling a few unneeded cymbals. I would prefer to sell these locally in the Buford, GA area, but I will ship CONUS if buyer pays cost. Priced to move quickly. A...
  7. jfpoff

    Ankle Injury - help

    Hey fellas. Im in need of some direction. I sprained my right ankle playing tennis the other day. (I'm right handed). Doc says possibly two partially torn tendons. Problem is I have some session work and a few gigs in the upcoming weeks. I can play my kick drum, but I'm pretty much throwing my...
  8. jfpoff

    Istanbul, Meinl and Dream Cymbals for sale.

    Drummer peeps. I've got some nice pies up for sale. Same old story. Bought a bunch of new cymbals and now I have to recoup a few Benjamins. SOLD 22" Istanbul Agop 06 Limited Edition Ride. I bought this from a trusted fellow drummer about a month ago. I love it but don't have very much use for...
  9. jfpoff

    OT: Fantasy Football 2015

    So hit me with your fantasy football woes or success stories thus far. I'll give you mine. Ended up with the number one pic in the draft and took Eddie Lacy... The man couldn't carry my trash to the curb. Drafted Andy Luck as my QB. Kill me now. Life has been rough. I spent most of my free...
  10. jfpoff

    SOLD *Black Friday price* Meinl 20" Vintage Crash (SOUND FILE)

    *****SOLD***** Hey guys, This is a nice 20" vintage crash. Big, dark, and trashy. This line of cymbals was inspired by Benny Greb's Signature Sand Ride. All the cymbals in Meinl's vintage line are just amazing. This puppy has never been cleaned. Pic 4 shows what some might call a "blemish"...
  11. jfpoff

    SOLD 15" K Light Hats PRICE DROP

    SOLD Whats up guys, These are some lightly used 15" K light hats. I bought them from a local drum shop in the Dallas area about 2 weeks ago. Less than 5 hours playing time on them. Killer hats, but don't fit into my set up. The only blemishes you'll find are fingerprints and a couple of marks...
  12. jfpoff

    K Custom Hi Definition hi hats ***SOLD***

    SOLD Hey y'all, These puppies are almost brand new! I bought them a while ago and have put less than 8 hours playing time on them. No cracks or keyholing. From what I understand they are a discontinued model and are getting harder to find. That fueled my impulse purchase of them. They're...
  13. jfpoff

    OT: John Mayer leaves fender.

    Never thought I would see the day. Artists have falling out with companies all the time but I didn't expect Mayer to ever break ties with fender. Grab those John Mayer signature guitars while you can!
  14. jfpoff

    OT: SuperBowl half time show

    I guess I'll start the obligatory SuperBowl half time show thread. I watched it in a bar and it sounded freaking ridiculous. Rhythm section was so tight. Gotta listen to it through a better source and make sure it wasn't a pro tools show. Bruno Mars impressed me with his gospel licks. Didn't...
  15. jfpoff

    OT: Georgia Snow Storm

    I love the snow as much as the next guy but Georgia wasn't ready for the past few days. 285 looked like a scene from the walking dead. Any Georgia residents have an interesting story? I have some friends who were stuck in their cars for over 24 hours.
  16. jfpoff

    ***SOLD*** 20" Meinl Byzance Traditional Medium Crash ***SOLD***

    ***SOLD*** *** SOLD*** Hey guys, This puppy is almost brand new. No cracks, no key holing, etc. I used it for about 3 church services and she's been in storage ever since. This is a GREAT sounding crash. Works as light ride as well. Unfortunately, it doesn't fit in with my current set up...
  17. jfpoff

    *** SOLD*** Ludwig Acrolite 5.5 x14 *** SOLD***

    ***SOLD*** Hey guys This is a 5.5 x14 acro. She's got some love marks but nothing serious. There is a bit of rust on the hoops as pictured. Bearing edges are good. Heads are in good shape. No muffler. No extra holes drilled. $85 shipped to the lower 48. Papal accepted. PM or email me at...
  18. jfpoff

    Pics of your 1 up 2 down set ups

    Post your pics here. Another DFOer mentioned starting a thread like this, and I think it's a great idea. I seem to get in a slump with my set up. No matter how much a try to change, I always end up where I started. It's hard to break habits. I'd love to see what you guys are doing with your...
  19. jfpoff

    **SOLD** Ludwig Limited Edition 5x14 African Satinwood Super Classic Maple snare drum

    Hello all, I bought this snare drum a few months ago. It's an awesome snare but I don't have a need for it. It's been sitting in a case in my bedroom for the past 2 months. It's in mint condition. No scratches, dings,etc... Has original heads and snares. I replaced the snare side with a remo...
  20. jfpoff