1. bon viesta

    13/14/16, or 13/16/18?

    i’m deciding on drum sizes for the ludwig kit i’m ordering later this year, and i’m stuck between 14 and 16 inch floor toms or 16 and 18 inch floor toms. also, ala mitch mitchell, the 14/16 kit would also have a 24x12 bass drum. 16/18 would be 24x14. any experience you have with either set up...
  2. FloydZKing

    Late 70s Pearl F-418 "Art Blakey" outfit in Silver Satin

    Ka-powey. Catalogue shot is from 1977 or so (incorrectly dated 1974-ish on VDG) This bad guy came from Sweden via ebay. Still looking for a period correct Vari-Set cymbal boom arm. Also missing one BD hoop inlay strip and 8 correct T-rods. White logo heads and felt strips en route.
  3. markrocks68

    NEEDED:14x14 Club Date FT 60's KB in Galaxy Sparkle

    YES I am looking for the needle in the haystack. I have the rest of the drums & need this to complete the kit. Any leads appreciated. Thanks all!
  4. markrocks68

    Vintage 1966 Ludwig 14x14 Downbeat Floor Tom in Black Diamond Pearl

    Hi all Up for sale is a VERY nice vintage 1966 Ludwig Downbeat model floor tom in the 14 x 14 size. SN-369099 There is what looks to be a date stamp but unreadable. SN dates to August 1966. The drum is all original. No extra holes or mods. The Black Diamond Pearl wrap is vibrant and has NO...