1. AustinFitz

    I'm in love!!! (Pearl G-Series Maple Shell project log)

    After a bad band breakup, and a 4 year hiatus from drumming I'm finally getting back into playing! I hadn't owned a kit in 4 years, so after deciding to get back into it I went shopping for a decent used kit. I was on a pretty tight budget, but managed to find something WAY beyond my...
  2. komodobob

    Ludwig Thermogloss 10 X 14 tom

    Purchased new in 1980, this has the rounded corner B / O badge. 6 ply maple shell has some dings and a little checking in the finish. Still in pretty good condition. The chrome on lugs and top hoop, are in good condition and will clean up to be very nice. The bottom hoop does have some chrome...
  3. M

    1980's Ludwig Classic

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum. I bought a 1980's Ludwig Classic Kit a long while back. Beautiful Kit. Eye candy for me as well as an AMAZING jazz kit and conversation piece. I bought them from the original owner awhile ago. I didn't know what I was getting and he didn't know what he was...