1. RTO

    Paiste Cymbal Sale: F602 Blue - 2002s - Signatures - Big Beats - Modern Essentials -

    Cymbals for Sale: Paiste F602 Blue Label 18” Thin Crash - US$550.00 (Like new) Paiste F602 vintage 12” Hi Hat - $350 (Good) Paiste Color Sound 5 14” Heavy Hi-Hat Blue Pair - US$375.00 (good) Paiste Sound Creation 80s MKI 14” Dark Sound Edge Hi-Hat Pair - US$575.00 (good - one key hole) Paiste...
  2. T

    Cleaning Paiste cymbals

    I've been collecting Paiste cymbals now for some time, but have yet to clean/polish any. The cymbals I've gotten new still look great. I just wipe em down once a week or so. Now I have some rather valuable vintage, but luckily they're in dam good shape for their age. I've been picking some up...
  3. T

    1976 2002 20 inch

    I have a chance to pick up a 1976 20 inch 2002 crash today. It's in good condition. The lettering is still on it, no flea bites, but has a mild keyhole. If you are a Paiste fan, like I am, theoretically, would you pick it up for a good price? What would you pay. Pic coming.
  4. T

    11 inch Paiste 2002 splash

    Hey all, My first post here. Anyway I will introduce myself in the proper area. I have a question for the other Paiste fanatics here. I've been collecting Paiste cymbals for sometime now. Recently i picked up a set of 2002's (mixed years). Before I picked them up I was told there was a 10 inch...
  5. K

    Strange Paiste 2002 Hats...

    Thanks in advance for any insight anyone may have to offer. I recently picked up a set of vintage Paiste 2002 hi-hats and they are vastly different from any I have seen. They are not Sound-Edge and the bottom hat is drilled with 4 holes in a Zildjian Quick Beat-esque fashion. While they sound...
  6. Heartbeat

    WTB: 15" Paiste 2002 Heavy/Rock hi-hats

    I'm looking for a relatively nice pair of 15" Paiste 2002 Heavy (sometimes labeled "Rock") hi-hats. No cracks, major dings, or keyholes. Thanks.
  7. moon the loon

    Paiste finish/cracks?

    Hi, I purchased a 2002 20" medium demo model from Cascio on Ebay a few days ago, just rec'd it today. Can anyone tell me what the dark lines are that run along the lathe lines in the pic below? They seem to be deep within the grooves. They are only in the bow area of the cymbal between the...
  8. ScottGunshore

    SOLD - Paiste 2002 Big Beat 18 inch Black Label

    I've never played this multi-use crash or ride at a rehearsal or gig. I bought this as part of a set, tapped a few times then put away. Looks minty fresh. These list at $292, so get this for quite a bit less. SOLD.
  9. MarcCrossland

    Paiste 2002 22" Power Ride

    I'm selling my 22" 2002 Power Ride. I bought the ride new from Paiste three years ago, but have since replaced it. It's great for Rock, Country, Metal or Punk; very bright, cutting, glassy. There are no cracks or keyholes, but there is a small 1/4" indentation on the edge of the cymbal. I...
  10. PappyLongshanks

    Paiste 2002 18" Medium Crash

    I am looking to trade my Paiste 2002 18" Medium Crash for Paiste 2002 18"Crash or Thin Crash. My Paiste has no defects. Just the normal fingerprints and stick marks.
  11. MarcCrossland

    Paiste 2002 and Rudes

    Selling some cymbals: Paiste 18" Rude Wild Crash Paiste 19" Rude Wild Crash Paiste 15" Sound Edge Hi-Hats. The crashes are in excellent condition. A little dirty, some scratches but no cracks/dents/chips/keyhole/etc. The top hat has a very small 1/4 crack, hopefully visible in the picture...
  12. oneeyedcat

    PAISTE 2002 18" NOVO CHINA CYMBAL - $150

    Up for grabs is a beautiful example of Paiste innovation. An 18" Novo China cymbal! No keyholes, no cracks, no funny business! Just slightly worn logos and fingerprints. Two rivet holes, one rivet. You want trash? I got your trash right here! $150 + shipping. Thanks for looking!
  13. oneeyedcat

    *GONE* Almost Mint 20" Paiste 2002 Crash Cymbal - *GONE*

    Here is a beautiful almost mint condition 20" Paiste 2002 crash cymbal. I originally bought 3 cymbals. A 20", a 19" and a 17". I decided to go with only the two smaller ones so this one has to go! Thanks for looking. Rick
  14. Grooovepig

    20" PAISTE 2002 RIDE

    Paiste 20" 2002 Ride - Good condition. No cracks, dents, or key holing. A little ugly, but sounds as one would expect. $125 + SHIPPING TO CONTINENTAL US ONLY!!! PayPal gift preferred. THANKS!
  15. Doop

    SOLD: Paiste 2002 16" Crash

    Paiste 2002 16" Crash: $150 $130 This crash was a store demo I bought on a lark, thinking I might switch from Sabian to Paiste. After I hit it a couple of times, I realized I have to accept that I'm a thin crash kinda guy! So I'm selling this one to make way for a 2002 Thin Crash ... No...
  16. kyleanderson7

    Cymbal Shopping Help

    Hello Everybody, So I'm gathering drummers opinions and first hand experiences to help configure the new set up I'd like to do with my cymbals. I play in a psychedelic blues rock band call The Fuss, and I'm looking to get the best sounds out of my cymbals. After weeks of cymbal tapping I've...
  17. fatchoppers

    2oo2 Paiste Big and Small Hammering Power Ride

    anyone A+B the 80's 90's Power rides vs the newer ones the newer ones have larger hammering . not sure if this is to save money or just change of format does anyone know about the different hammering and years?
  18. MatrixClaw

    SOLD! 22" 70's Zildjian Swish & 18" Paiste 2000 Mellow China

    22" 70's A. Zildjian Swish This baby sounds HUGE! Dark and low pitched; a great sounding china that can be crashed or ridden on. Has 6 factory-drilled rivet inserts, with two installed. Wouldn't even dream of getting rid of this, but I just don't have the room on my kit! This is in great shape...
  19. V

    Black Label 2002 20" China -- should I add rivets?

    I picked up a paiste 2002 20" China in great shape (after I cleaned it). I'm dying to put rivets in to make a jazz ride; but I'm wondering if I'll kill the resale value. Any thoughts, suggestions? Thanks.
  20. Marquisjohnson22

    I found a set of 15" Paiste 2002 hats at a Pawn Shop!

    I went into a local pawn shop today, just to pass some time and I started looking around to see what they had. A little over a month ago I got a pristine condition Pearl Masters Studio BRX for $299 so I know they sometimes have some great deals in there. I've been looking for some Paiste hats to...