1. cgrutledge

    22x14 or 24x14 shell for Gretsch kit

    I have a 24x16, 13x9, 16x16 gretsch renown maple red glass glitter kit i have loved. But I’m ready to switch things up and get into my favorite bass drum sizing and possibly rewrap. If you have anything i may be interested in please let me know!
  2. Q

    SOLD: 1946 Grestch Broadkaster 22x14 Kick Drum in White Marine Pearl project

    Here is a project drum I was always hoping to get around to and don’t think I ever will. 1946 Gretsch 22x14 kick drum in white marine pearl (which was an upgraded finish back then). It’s missing the front hoop, tension rods and claws, and one tension rod on the batter side. I have a regular...