1. Low Light

    Low Light

    Low light image of my kit.
  2. PearlPlayer66

    Wanted - 8" Sonor 3007 Midnight Fade

    Looking to find a Sonor 3007 8" tom in Midnight Fade finish. Any leads appreciated. I keep tabs on all the usual sources (ebay, etc). Would also possibly be interested in picking up a 13" tom in same finish. Looking to match this kit.
  3. PearlPlayer66

    Sonor Force 3007 or Select Force

    Looking for a Sonor maple kit - either Select Force or Force 3007. NOT interested in the S-drive models with the extra shallow toms. Optimal setup would be 8T,10T,12T, 14FT, 16FT, 22BD. Could do without the 8. Let me know what you have as I may be able to add what I need elsewhere. P.S...