1. dunnenrb


    Hello all! I have here a beautiful Istanbul Agop 22" 30th Anniversary Ride weighing in at 2006g. Can you say paper!? It is extremely full and warm for something this light and has an amazing crash. It can stand alone as a crash. It has never been played out - only in my home studio. Asking...
  2. drumrtommy

    Istanbul 12" Splashes

    Anyone have Agop splash for sale or trade? Thanks
  3. dunnenrb


    I got this from Donn Bennet back in February, and it is just too heavy for me. As you will see in the original post, they say it's an artist demo cymbal and through our transaction I found out that it belonged to Matt Chamberlain. They're pretty trustworthy guys, I think I believe them...
  4. dunnenrb


    This one is a bit too heavy for me as I am mainly playing Crash/Rides at the moment. This one is very defined on the stick, super dark and complex (as expected), and will crash when you lay into it. It won't get away from you. Looking to get $350 + shipping OBO. Will post a sound file as soon...
  5. phfreq

    23" Istanbul Agop Matt Chamberlain ride

    23" Istanbul Agop Matt Chamberlain ride. This is the 2nd gen turk style, not the first gen regular/traditional finish. Profile is similar to the 30th Anniversay Agops (umbrella profile) but done turk style. Heavier than most MC rides, this help carry the sound to the audience. Warm, dark...
  6. dunnenrb


    Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary 18" Crash/Ride Near mint condition. I bought this back in April/May, and have literally hit it less that 20 times. It looks brand new. SOLD Dream Bliss 13" Hi Hats These are a few years old, but have barely any playing time on them. Never gigged. Great set...