1. Alpine

    Pearl Reference Snare 5x14

    Looking for a Pearl Reference snare drum 5x14 (20 ply wood, 2.5mm cast steel or 3mm brass).
  2. r.fryoux

    SOLD - Yamaha Bamboo Snares For Sale

    Up for sale are (2) beautiful Yamaha Bamboo snare drums. 5x14" & 6.5x14" These drums are in excellent, like new, condition. There are no issues whatsoever. These drums come a pet-free, smoke-free environment. They have been babied. Comes with new Evans drumheads and original Yamaha snare wires...
  3. benjamin

    Can anyone tell me what this Ludwig is???

    http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ram/msg/4719358143.html I have no idea what I'm looking at. 10 lugs, but they're the normal ludwig lugs, not the imperial lugs that come with a supra. Seller says its brass or bronze, but the black and white badge is for ludwig rockers, and I don't think they...
  4. & You Dont Stop

    Which Recording Best Captures the Iconic LM 400 Sound?

    In your opinion, when you think of that iconic (5 x 14") Supra sound, is there a particular recording that comes to mind? no facts please...only opinions!!