1. Medellin

    60s Roger Holiday vs. Delta Tower (20/14/12)

    Greetings all! I am currently in the market for a Rogers 20/14/12 kit (Holiday or Delta Tower) I am at a crossroads of which to buy... I understand the physical differences between the Holiday and Tower kits, but is there a sonic difference between the two? Anyways, any input/ experience...
  2. popiomodena

    **SOLD**Vintage Ludwig 5” Gold Tone Cowbell with Ludwig Bass Drum Hoop Mount

    This cowbell is presumably from the 1960s. It still sounds great even though it’s been weathered a little through time. I also have a vintage Ludwig bass drum hoop mount that this comes with. $80 shipped.
  3. K

    Wanted: Yamaha 60's kit (C-200, D-20)

    Hey! I've been trying to get a hold of a Yamaha 60's kit in any wrap (though mainly golden dragon, willow, or blue thunder), in at least decent playing condition. I know some of these have kits have reinforcement rings, would definitely prefer that. Snare or no snare. I'm in Philadelphia ...
  4. mabdrums

    SOLD....................21" K CUSTOM HYBRID, Medium 60s A. Zild with Rivet Holes (2500g)

    Sale or Trade. Prices + ship/obo/trades Feel free to text 610-310-5228 w/ offers. Sabian JD 3 point Ride $285 SOLD!!!! 60s A. Zil, 2500 $135 - ends on eBay tomorrow night (7/30)...
  5. LeedyGuy

    60s Slingerland snare time capsule ONLY $260

    Awesome aluminum drum everyone should have in their collection. I'm downsizing space otherwise this would stay in my collection!! I have the purchase tag and the case but not the stand or whatever else it may have come with. It sounds great. Original bottom head still on it and original snare...
  6. Sticks and Brass

    Please Delete - Double Post

    OK.I'm in need of 1 more tom, just 1 more, and my kit shall be complete.I need a Ludwig 60s keystone badge club date 9x13 silver sparkle tom.I can $$ or trade for. Let me know what you've got.Thanks, Rob
  7. I

    Gretsch Bop Kit CLONE 12/14/18/4x14 Red Sparkle With 60's Bags

    8x12, 14x14, 14x18 kick, 4x14 snare. This is a vintage build kit that I made. Built to precise standards to replicate everything possible about a vintage Gretsch jazz setup (naysayers, purists and fretters: I've heard it before, save it please). Specs: -Floor tom, snare and bass drum are USA...
  8. bharrington

    Loose Ludwig Keystone Badges

    Hey all - Anyone have any Ludwig keystone badges from the 60's? Hopefully looking for numbers in the 722xxx range to complete a project. B
  9. drummerjohn333

    Another Batch of Zillys: 15HHs, 16Rock, 18ConcertBand, 20Ride

    Offering some more Zildjian As: Note: Pricing does not include shipping from 49285 1) 15in New Beat Top Hihat. Hollow Logo ('78-'81) This weighs in at 1180g No Cracks, No Keyhole.........$88.88 2) 15in Hihat 60s Weighing in at 1030g No Cracks, No Keyhole.........$88.88 SOLD Now, I threw...
  10. Carlos McSnurf

    Gretsch parts needed

    Hello, I'm looking for few gretsch parts to finish the project: three complete 60's brackets similar to this: I also look for 8 to 16 floor tom lugs from late 50's or 60's. Hit me with a PM. Thanks.
  11. ludtubs

    WTD: Ludwig 3-ply 14x24 & 16x18 orphans - for resto, shells or complete

    Hi all, I'm looking to add a 14x24 & 16x18 to one of my Luddy kits. Open to WFL/Luddy KB era or B/O era, complete drums preferred, but shells-only also an option. 3-ply only. I could go a few different routes w/this project, but I'm trying to do it at the lowest possible cost (aren't we all?)...
  12. broganphillips

    SOLD 1968 Acrolite $225 shipped

    For sale: 1968 Ludwig Acrolite $225 shipped OBO. It's in great shape other than a tiny dent below the muffler (see pics)
  13. Rogers Kit and Black Beauty Snare - 180 Drums

    Rogers Kit and Black Beauty Snare - 180 Drums

    My old Rogers kit that I bought from Harry J. Cangany Jr. http://www.180drums.com
  14. Rogers Kit and Black Beauty Snare - 180 Drums

    Rogers Kit and Black Beauty Snare - 180 Drums

    My old Rogers kit that I bought from Harry J. Cangany Jr. http://www.180drums.com
  15. supraphonic

    Gretsch parts 60's

    Looking for the following (Round badge era) 14" 8 hole die cast hoops (batter) x 2 internal mufflers x 2 Diamond leg bracket x 1 Set of floor tom legs Rail mount spade arm x 1 Aluminium bass drum leg x 1 If anyone has the above parts for sale please let me know.
  16. Way Out Wardell

    Semi-OT: The Monks (w/ Sonors!)

    Thought I'd share this with all the Sonor fans out there! &nofeather=True In a nutshell: a group of GIs in West Germany formed a band to alleviate boredom and got the crazy idea to perform dressed as monks, cut their hair into tonsures, etc. This is from '66. I love that the kids in the...
  17. sleepykeith

    60's VS 70's Slingerlands...

    Hey guys, I did a search for this and tried looking elsewhere to no avail. Could someone give me a quick breakdown of the differences between Slingerlands in the 60's and Slingerlands in the 70's? I know Ludwig history well enough and they went through a lot of changes in that time, but can't...
  18. P

    Zildjian Stamp(s)

    This one has two different stamps that appear to be from different decades. One with three dots and one without. She's 20" and weighs 2120g any opinions about what decade she's from and why there's two different stamps welcomed.