advice needed

  1. AnnBehr

    How do i audition for a band?

    I guess you could say I'm young when it comes to the world of drumming. I'm not totally new to it, I know my gear and I know how to use it, but what I don't know is how to try out for a band. I don't have any musically inclined friends, so I'll need to look for and audition for bands around me...
  2. B

    Keeping New Set in Pole Barn

    Hi y’all I lurk here quite a lot and now I’m happy to say I have my first new kit on the way. As a gift to myself for getting my first job in my career field I splurged and got a Ludwig Classic maple pro beat 24 with Zildjian A’s (391). my question is this. The last two years playing my...
  3. Dodie


    Hello to all, I am in need of advice: Have any of you heard of or ever used Allegiant Air Lines? I would love to hear about your experience if you have. I have a friend who wants to use this airline for a trip next month. I have some concerns like safety, on time arrival/departures, etc...