1. H

    Help me find the best eDrum set for my father

    Initially, he‘s decided to buy this set: Yamaha DTX6K3-X At first glace, it has everything he needs although the 3/5 star review there is on the site went quite critical when it comes to its capabilities so it kinda pulls him away from buying it right way. He’s also seen these: Yamaha DTX6K2-X...
  2. T

    Logic Pro X Users - Increasing Dynamic Range

    Hey everyone, I have been trying to find ways to make my Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit sound as realistic as possible, and plan to make another thread on here asking how I could improve this as I have been trying many things and Im not sure if im going the right direction or not. One of the ways I...
  3. D

    Roland TD9-K2 vs Alesis Command Mesh

    I'm beginner looking for a setup that will not need to be changed soon. A friend of mine is selling his Roland TD9-K2 with almost no use and I looked in near stores the Alesis Command Mesh. Considering that I'm a fast learner and I pretend to play Metal which one would you choose ? There is...
  4. Hypercaffium

    LoopBe1+EZdrummer, double bass, and a tricky problem with my Alesis Turbo Mesh kit

    Hi! I've been able to remap almost eveything using LoopBe1 in combination with EZdrummer. I succesfully created a new Pad in LoopBe1 to transform my hi-hat into a second bass drum, so I can play double bass. It works good, but sometimes I hear a hi-hat sound while playing and I think it's the...
  5. K

    Advice needed! - looking for electric kit on a budget

    Hi all Hope you're all doing good! I'm here for some seasoned advice. I used to play drums (acoustic) when I was younger and I want to get back to it. It's been about 10 years since I played, and due to room in my house I'm looking to get an electric kit for convenience. I'm a bedroom player...
  6. alanolynn

    Font and Center

    Picked up a new Alesis SamplePad Pro (Thank you and I've been enjoying it so far. I had an older version of it before, so I figured it'd be just as good if not better. Easy to use, responsive, and yes the sensitivity needs to be adjusted, but you can say that for most multipads...
  7. Woody85

    Outboard rack gear

    Alesis microverb iii- classic reverb and delay. Comes with power supply. Great live, in the studio, or with a guitar rig. Behringer 4 channel expander and gate. Perfect for drums. Comes with power supply. Picks available upon request. Feel free to ask questions or make an offer on one or both...
  8. dwdave

    Alesis sample pad VS Roland TM-2

    I recently added a Nord drum 1 and some pads to my kit. I'm thinking about adding other sounds both analog and digital. While they are different, they have similar functions as well. Any thoughts from you folks that have used them?
  9. Z

    Please help me choose a Beginner's Electronic Drum Set

    Hello :) As an absolute beginner, I'm looking to buy an Electronic Drum Set. The most important attributes I'm looking for are quality, durability, and most importantly - compact size (as I don't have too much room). I live in Israel, so I am forced to buy from Local shops where the prices are...
  10. Q

    Yamaha DTX400K or Alesis DM6?

    I am new when it comes to drums, and I would like an affordable electronic kit that will get the job done and help me pass the time. I don't need any high end equipment like what one might find while browsing the Roland website, but I do want it to work and work well. After a bit of research, I...
  11. lowchizo

    Roland SPD-SX vs Alesis Sample Pad Pro

    Hey All, I've been thinking about getting a sample pad to add to my acoustic set at church and was wondering if you guys have any opinions on the best type of sample pad out there. I've heard many good things about the Roland SPD-SX sample pad but its pretty steep at $800. Curious as to what...
  12. A

    Ion Drum Rocker to REAL

    Hello everyone, beginner drummer here. I know I'm messing with some old stuff here but, I gotta have hope that maybe a good soul here will help me, here it goes.. I have an ION Drum Rocker and I just wanna make it a real electronic drum, from what I know so far I need: * a drum module with...