bass drum pedal

  1. rock roll

    Bass Drum Pedal Collection, Any Other Collectors Out There?

    After reading a vintage bass drum pedal thread , I got to wondering , everyone here has drum kit collections but does everyone that collect kits , collect vintage hardware? So for this thread I'll just keep it to bass drum pedals. ----- bass drum pedals ------ Crowell.(selmer) 40's 50's bass...
  2. Big Beat

    For Sale: Pearl Power Shifter Eliminator double bass drum pedal w/case & extras

    For Sale: Pearl Power Shifter Eliminator double bass drum pedal, model p2002c. Excellent condition, saw very little use. Includes case, all paperwork, two packages of extra cams. Sells for $399 at Guitar Center. My price: $200 + $20 shipping.
  3. cin

    [FOUND]: Camco "ROLLING GLIDE" bass drum pedal cam only

    I'm looking for a cam to replace a broken one on my Camco/Tama bass drum pedal. Its the one with "ROLLING GLIDE" embossed on the side. It doesn't have a cover over the top portion of the chain: Thanks!
  4. Sammybear

    SOLD!!! DW CP5000CX Series Bass Drum Pedal

    For Sale: SOLD!!!!......DW Drum Workshop's original 5000 series Turbo kick pedal. Lightweight, folds compactly and includes many of the features of the newer 6000 series pedals. The drum pedal perfectly compliments the retro-styled DW 6000 Series hardware. This is very lightly used in...
  5. dbone

    DW 9002 Double Pedal

    DW 9002 double pedal for sale. I haven't used it in over a year, so it's gotta go! ** LINKAGE NOT INCLUDED ** You can pick up a new DW linkage (DWSP211) for around $90. A few cosmetic scuffs, but no playability issues -- plays great. Case and DW three-way key included. $275.00 + shipping
  6. drumsargeant

    F/S: SOLD! Rogers 1970's Swiv-O-Matic BD Pedal Heel Casting - $29.95 shipped

    For sale is a NOS 1970's Rogers Swiv-O-Matic bass drum pedal heel casting that I had in my parts bin. It has never been mounted but does have some scratch marks on it (See Photos). I am asking $29.95 included shipping and I only accept PayPal for payment. Thanks for looking.
  7. blkcortex79

    Mystery BD pedal - any idea what this is?

    Hey Guys & Gals, This pedal came with a set of '66 Club Dates I won on eBay about 5 years ago. It has no markings - the beater is an old Ludwig felt one - Chicago era. Any clues? I was thinking maybe a student level pedal - It's missing the link from footboard to beater - I was thinking its...